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You’ve just moved, and you’re starting to settle into your new home. One of the best ways to feel at home in your new community is to give back! Reaching out to make things better may be the best way to meet people and become a valued member of your new community.

At Few Moves Moving Company, we find that giving back is its own reward: We meet new people, try new activities, and help out those who are less fortunate. Here are a few ways for you to try giving back in your new community.

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Give Back While Moving

You can help yourself while helping others by carefully going through your old clothing and household items and donating them to area thrift stores. Low-income families really need warm coats and good used clothing in all sizes. This will save you the trouble and expense of moving unused items and help people who can’t afford to buy good new clothes. Make sure donations are clean and in good repair.

Get the kids in on the donation program. Children can be reluctant to part with toys they no longer play with, but when they are donating them so needy kids can have new toys, it’s a little easier. Get your kids in the giving spirit by taking them out for ice cream after dropping off donations—a little reward sweetens the lesson.

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Visit a Nursing Home

Another way to get kids involved in giving back is to take them to a nursing home in your new community. These sites don’t get too many visits from children, and they’re always welcome—just call ahead to schedule a time. Your kids can make cards to celebrate a holiday, or sing a song for residents anytime.

Cook Up a Treat for the First Responders or New Neighbors

Cookies or casseroles make great gifts for the men in blue or firefighters in your new community. If you have an elderly neighbor near your new home, offer them a home-cooked meal, delivered to the door.

Make Up Treat Bags for the Homeless

Many people are reluctant to give cash to the homeless. A small care package is a good alternative. Fill a gallon-size Ziploc bag with necessary items like toothpaste, socks, soap and washcloth, water bottles, and snacks. Keep a couple of these goodie bags in your glove compartment and hand them out as needed.

Start by Giving Back Close to Home

Charity begins at home. Look around for friends, family members, and new neighbors who need a little TLC. You might offer to babysit, mow the lawn, or just send a card to brighten someone’s day. Giving back to those closest to us can really make a difference in their lives.

Give Back to the Younger Generation

Children are the future, and giving back to kids can have value well into the future. Help at an after-school program, volunteer as a big brother or sister, or offer to teach a skill you know to a school group or club.

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