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The weather and the water are cooling rapidly, and that means one of the best things on our North Carolina coast: Oysters are back in season! Oyster season opens Oct. 1 here. We’ve been waiting months for our favorite mollusks.

Oysters are harvested from October to March with tongs, rakes, or by hand in tidal areas or in shallow water along the North Carolina coast. Stump Sound oysters are very popular but we also harvest oysters from Topsail Sound, Pamlico Sound, and other areas. Cluster oysters or 3-inch-and-up singles are widely available in the upcoming oyster season.

Steamed or raw, oysters are a winter treat. (Beware: Raw oysters can carry bacteria that cause illness, so steaming them is safer.) Take some oysters home from area fish shops or have them prepared for you at restaurants that cater to local fish lovers.

How can you tell if your oysters are local N.C. oysters? Ask. Many restaurants serve local oysters as soon as they can get them. Here are a few to try:

Boca Bay Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Boca Bay is always looking for the best oysters. You’ll find James River, Bluepoint and Pamlico Sound oysters now, and they’ll have Stump Sounds as soon as they become available.

Dock Street Oyster Bar

Dock Street serves up local oysters whenever they can get them. This popular oyster bar was voted “best oysters” in Encore magazine 15 years in a row.

Fish Bites

This popular restaurant has a fish market too! So after you’ve sampled some steamed oysters or Oysters Rockefeller, buy some to carry home and cook for yourself tomorrow.

Hieronymus Seafood & Oyster Bar

This Wilmington landmark on Market Street always has shellfish in the steamer, including farm-raised Pamlico oysters year round and locally-sourced wild oysters in season.

The Pilot House

Try some East Coast oysters, locally sourced when available, chilled or steamed, or chargrilled with butter, parmesan, garlic, panko crumbs, lemon, hot sauce, cayenne, and chives. You can also get your oysters in a steam pot with mixed seafood, sausage, and corn.


Wilmington’s star chef Keith Rhodes will be welcoming fresh local oysters to Catch restaurant as soon as season opens.

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