LET US TAKE CARE OF IT ALL Packing & Unpacking

Packing and unpacking for a move, theoretically, can be a fun project. You get a chance to take stock of your life. A chance to throw out old clutter and to rediscover lost treasures hidden in closets, garages, sheds, and attics. But after cleaning house and finding long lost family treasure, reality sets in: somebody’s got to get everything ready to be loaded onto a truck.

This brings up a few questions: How many boxes will you need? How much packing material? How many rolls of tape? And who sells those things at a good price? And then how long will it take to get everything packed?

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Friends make packing easier, but how many friends do you have that will work on the pizza-and-beer favor system? And if one of your buddies breaks something, will your homeowner’s insurance cover it?

Before you text your friends and family or post a status update on Facebook asking for help, let us quote you a price on doing it all for you.

We have the expertise, equipment, materials, and know-how to quickly and safely pack and/or unpack your things.

While in our care, all of your goods are covered by our four comprehensive insurance policies. They cover any and all damage as a result of our actions.

Save yourself the stress and the aches-and-pains of packing and unpacking and let Few Moves Moving Company do it for you instead.

We’re surprisingly affordable.


WE COME Fully Equipped