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These Halloween Home Decoration FAILS Will Make You LOL

Sometimes what we have in mind for our home Halloween decorations, just doesn’t pan out. We hope these Halloween home decoration FAILS make you laugh as hard they made us!

The Irony Here is Painful to Watch

Halloween Fail

Via loves4free.mobi

What’s Scary Here is How Inappropriate this Actually Is



After this Summer, I Guess Sharks Are Pretty Terrifying


Source: pophangover.com

Every Neighborhood Has That One Lazy Neighbor


Source: funny-pictures.picphotos.net

I’ve Never Had a Trat! I’ll Try Anything Once!

Source: craftinterrupted.com

Source: craftinterrupted.com

What Those Chevron Pumpkins Were Supposed to Look Like

Source: pinterestfail.com

Source: pinterestfail.com

When Pinterest Fails You

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram


Source: Imgur.com

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