Moving in with your friends isn’t necessarily going to be the home run that you might think it is. If you have such a great time hanging out with these people on a regular basis, it stands to reason that living with your friends day in and day out is going to be fun, too. In reality, you should definitely be prepared to learn who your friends really are once you move in with them. Many friendships have been broken after just a few short months of moving in together – for proof, just ask anyone who has ever been a college roommate with their best friend from high school.

If you’re about to move in with your friends and want to make sure that you stay that way long after the lease is signed, there are a few key things that you’ll want to remember.

Develop a System for Assigning Chores by Day/Week/Month/Quarterly

For starters, you’ll always want to make sure that everyone in the house is very clear on what “chores” they are responsible for at any given time. A house isn’t just going to clean itself. Dishes don’t magically wash themselves and appear back in the cupboard after a meal. To avoid taking the full brunt of this responsibility yourself, lay some ground rules soon after you move in.

Determine who is going to be responsible and when the job need to be complete for activities like:

  • dishes (daily)
  • taking out the garbage (daily)
  • separating the recycling materials (weekly)
  • vacuuming (weekly)
  • cleaning the bathrooms (weekly)
  • sweeping the floors (daily/weekly)
  • dusting
  • scrub baseboards
  • watering plants
  • cleaning the ovens, refrigerator and more (quarterly

Doing so will not only make sure that your house or apartment stays as clean as possible at all times, but it will also help prevent arguments down the road when one person feels the other isn’t doing his or her fair share. For chores that are done quarterly, maybe throw a “cleaning party” where everyone has to get their job done in an allotted time and then celebrate your clean place with pizza and booze!

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Establish Ground Rules and Set Boundaries

Even if you’re moving in with your best friend, you still will likely have a completely different viewpoint from this person. As a result, you’ll need to lay some ground rules if you’re going to try to keep your sanity. Discuss and agree on topics like a definition of “Quiet Time,” how many guests the roommate is allowed to have over at any given time, how common areas are to be used and more. Remember that in a true compromise, neither party will be 100% happy with the results. However, you will likely still remain friends throughout by tackling these issues early and in a definitive way.

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