10 Last-Minute Items to Remember When You Move

Pack it all up, move it on out! Once you get into the weeds of packing, it’s hard to believe you have so much stuff. But you really will be able to get every last personal possession out of the old house and into the new.

It’s easy to forget things, though. Forgetting falls into two categories: Things you overlook and leave behind, and things you wish you had left out because you need them NOW. Few Moves Moving Company has some tips to help you remember everything when you move.

Remember to Pack These Things When You Move

  1. Out of sight, out of mind: Things hanging on the backs of doors, like bathrobes and small hanging racks, often get forgotten. Check every small cupboard and closet, including the ones above the fridge or in a room you don’t use much.
  2. Small things hanging on the walls: Art and decorations tend to fade into the woodwork after a while. Look at your walls, even the little corners in the hall.
  3. Food in the fridge: Lots of people walk off forgetting the leftover pizza, ketchup, and soy sauce. You can always buy new, but the new residents may be dismayed to find your condiments.
  4. Remember the grill: It’s in the back yard covered up, so it’s easy to overlook the grill. This is the item most frequently forgotten in a move!
  5. Pets: Believe it or not, people really do forget their best friends, who they may have packed up or left at a friend’s. Put Barkley and Snowball on the list to remember. See Related: 3 Simple and Effective Ways to Make Moving With Pets a Breeze


Remember to Pack These Items Last

  1. Keys and power cords: There’s no place better than your pocket or your purse for keys, even keys you don’t use much—and especially the keys to your new place. And those phone cords are so small and easy to forget! Keep your phone charged, and then put chargers in the car.
  2. Garbage bags, broom and dust pan: You can’t do a last-minute sweep when you’ve packed the broom hours ago. A little corner of cleanup tools will come in handy. Tape a “Do Not Touch” sign on them to protect them if necessary.
  3. Moving Essentials Box: Definitely keep a box separate for last-minute items that you will need that night or first thing in the morning, such as a coffeemaker, toilet paper, a change of clothes, and your toothbrush. The first day in your new house goes so much better with coffee.
  4. Paper plates, cups, etc: Even if you plan to eat pizza for several days, it would be nice to have a paper cup so you don’t have to drink directly from the faucet.
  5. Packing tape and other supplies: These go missing so quickly during the chaos of moving! It’s best to have a home basket for packing supplies so you’ll be able to find them right up to the last box.

When you’re planning your move, be sure to call Few Moves Moving Company at (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh or (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington, NC. We’re a full-service moving company with all the services you need for the easiest, best move of your life!