10 Moving Tips that Really Work 

Here at Few Moves Moving Company, we’ve moved many households, plenty of businesses, and too many boxes to count! We like to think we’ve learned a thing or two about moving from this experience, and we’d like to pass a few of our favorite tips on to you.

1. Pack Up with Color

Tag your boxes with a color-coding system. Buy different color stickers for each room and slap one on each box as you pack it up. Did you forget to buy color stickers? Try labeling with a number: 1 for kitchen, 2 for master bedroom, etc.

2. Pack with Your Clothes

Your drinking glasses will stay warm inside socks, and they’ll be much harder to break while moving. Towels and sheets are great between plates. Wrap delicate objects with your delicates!

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3. Keep Jewelry Detangled

Before you move, save empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes. String necklaces and bracelets through the tubes to keep them from tangling during moving.

4. No Running on Empty

Don’t move your wheeled suitcases empty—fit heavy items inside. You’ll appreciate that you don’t have too much lifting and carrying to do.

5. Take a Picture, It Lasts Longer

You think you will remember the objects you see every day, but it’s easy to forget! Take photos of furniture arrangements and small setups so you can duplicate them in your new house. This is super helpful for seniors and kids.

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6. Label Those Cords

Electronics cords can turn into a jumbled mass of confusion during a move. Label each cord, put it in a Ziploc bag, and tape it to its appliance. This is a happy home for color coding, too: Color stickers on the end of each cord and next to their proper socket can really help when you set up again.

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7. Keep a Bible

A list for each room with a written inventory will reap rewards when unpacking after your move. You may think your hairbrush should be on the dresser, but no—it’s in the bathroom.

8. Park the Pets Elsewhere

A crazy cat or desperate dog can make moving day much harder. Actually, if you can get someone to watch the kids, get them out from underfoot too.

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9. Provide Sustenance for All

You, your family, and your movers will all appreciate cold drinks and snacks during your move.

10. Remember the Toilet Paper

We recommend stashing both toilet paper and paper towels in three different places. You can’t be too careful with keeping these precious commodities handy.

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Few Moves Moving Company is your experienced, trusted moving company with the best movers and, of course, the best moving tips. We’re fully licensed and insured and we’re ready to move you quickly and safely to your new home. For all your moving needs, call Few Moves at (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh, NC or (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington, NC.