10 Ways To Keep Your Curb Appeal Through Fall

When you’re selling your house, curb appeal counts! Make sure your house looks great when potential buyers drive up by taking stock of the season and getting ready for fall. Here are 10 simple ideas to keep your home’s curb appeal right through fall.

1. Keep Up with Your Lawn for Fall Curb Appeal

Maintaining your lawn is important for curb appeal any time of the year. You won’t have to mow as much in fall, but raking up fallen leaves will make things look tidy. Keep an eye out and repair any brown spots on grass.

2. Plant Colorful Flowers for Fall

Plant inexpensive fall flowers in clusters for a splash of fall color. Clean up faded summer beds and replace spent annuals with mums, which come in an array of autumn colors. Try other fall flowers for added interest: Flowering kale, asters, sedums, moss verbena, and pansies are welcome too.

3. Tidy Up Trees and Shrubs

Prune non-flowering shrubs early in the fall. The trim will cause a spurt of new growth but they will still look manicured for the winter. (Prune flowering shrubs after they bloom.) If your trees have dragging branches or dead wood, trim it away—the bare branches will look neater all fall and winter.

4. All Eyes on the Front Door

Your front door is a focal point for curb appeal—make it count! Hang a wreath of fall foliage or some colorful ears of corn. Color is important, and many people paint the front door in a vivid color. Make a statement at the entrance with large planters, or group some pumpkins, gourds, and potted mums for a friendly fall theme.

5. Pretty Up Your Porch for Curb Appeal

With leaves down, people will see more of your house. Add curb appeal with a cozy porch setting, using wicker furniture and bright autumn pillows. Keep it simple but inviting.

6. Get Window Boxes Ready for Fall

Remove faded window box flowers and replace them with silk flowers, gourds, and small festive flags, all in fall colors.

7. Scrub Up for Fall Curb Appeal

Trees will shed their leaves and reveal your house. If it needs a pressure wash, now’s the time to do it to provide continuing curb appeal into fall. Hosing down walkways and driveways will freshen up the exterior, too.

8. Yes, You Must Clean the Gutters

This regrettable fall task pays big dividends in curb appeal! Buyers will notice your careful maintenance, and your house will thank you for protecting it from unsightly water damage.

9. Add Outdoor Lighting for Fall Curb Appeal

The fall days grow short and evening arrives early. Make it convenient for buyers to see your house after sunset with exterior accent lighting and floodlights. It’s easy to install solar walkway lights to illuminate a path to our door. Be sure entrances are well-lit for safety and curb appeal.

10. New Hardware Adds a Facelift

Updated hardware can make a big difference in your home’s curb appeal! Choose finishes that match your light fixtures, house numbers, and mailbox for a polished look.

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