12 Must-Have Items for Moving Day

You’ve heard the saying “fail to plan and plan to fail”. We wan’t to make sure you are always over-prepared before you move and on moving day.

Here at Few Moves, we love sharing moving tips and making sure your move is a breeze. And one of our recommendation is that you keep an “essentials box or bag” with a few necessities.

Maybe there’s no way to be prepared for every problem that can arise on moving day, but you can avoid an awful lot of them by checking this list of must have items for moving day!

1. Toilet paper

You’ll want a roll at your new place as well as your old.

2. Toothpaste

You’ll want to brush your teeth, but even more important, you’ll want your security deposit back. A little white toothpaste rubbed into nail or screw holes is almost as good as spackle, and if you can touch it up with a little paint, even better. Oh, and pack your toothbrush too—for your teeth.

3. White shoe polish

Speaking of that security deposit: A dab of white shoe polish on the baseboard can cover many a scuff and scratch. Your landlord will be pleased and it only takes a minute.

4. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

What the shoe polish can’t handle, Mr. Clean will. Marks on walls, floors, switchplates, etc. disappear beneath the Magic Eraser, eliminating the need for elbow grease.

5. Aspirin and your Medications

After a busy moving day, you’ll be really glad to have a couple of aspirin handy (or your pain reliever of choice). Of course, keep all your medications, important documents, laptop, jewelry and any other valuable items near the top. A separate box of these to carry in the car is a great solution.

6. Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman-type tool is so handy and saves having to keep out the whole toolbox, which at this point is probably packed. This little pocket item can open boxes, solve little furniture dilemmas, and at the end of the day, pull a cork out of a wine bottle.’ Nuff said.

7. Permanent Markers

On moving day, all careful planning flies out the window and small belongings fly into arbitrary boxes. You may hope to remember which box the TV remote went into, but chances are you won’t. You’ll thank yourself for labeling last-minute boxes carefully.

8. A good tape dispenser

Packing tape is essential, a good tape dispenser divine. Peeling tape off the roll over and over or cutting it with scissors while it sticks to itself is such a headache! Be kind to yourself and invest in a dispenser that’s easy to use.

9. Trash bags

Big, sturdy yard trash bags can hold bedding and clear recycling bags make finding your stuff a cinch. This takes care of the last-minute trash that seems to arise from thin air, too.

10. Power strip and mobile phone charger

That first night in your new place can be a little like camping, so having a power strip means you can plug in a lamp, your phone and a laptop and be almost civilized.

11. Skateboard (or other wheeled device)

Put your boxes or other heavy items on a skateboard to roll them along. Instead of lifting, all you have to do is balance the item. Don’t overload, and leave the very heavy items to the movers.

12. Moving Checklist

Don’t wait until the last minute for this one, but check out Few Moves’ Moving Checklist for things to do and items to remember in the weeks before moving and right up until moving day.


Most importantly…

A Team of Professional Movers

Don’t forget to get professional, fully licensed and insured movers for your big move. Few Moves is ready to help you with packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, and storage in Wilmington, NC and Raleigh, NC.


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