19 Epic Moving Fails That Boggle The Mind

I know it’s hard to believe, but some people are stupid. Or at least they can do stupid things. That form of stupid doesn’t take a day off when it’s time to move. Oh no. That’s when he puts on his rubber boots and shows up to work early. We have the proof. Here are 19 epic moving fails that just boggle the mind.

College Moving Fail

College Moving Fail

Is This Before or After the Trip to Wal-Mart?

Wal-Mart Moving Fail

What Happens When You Don’t Remove the Propane From the Grill

Moving Truck Explosion Fail

Missed It By Thiissss Much

Moving Truck Stuck Under Bridge Fail

Just Look At That Magnificent Speaker

Overpacked Car Moving Fail

Nailed It

Moving Truck Crashes Into House Moving Fail

Does Triple-A Cover This?

U-Haul Trailer Flip Moving Fail

How Bad Were Those Steps Inside the Building?

Sofa Ladder Moving Fail

They Are About to Learn About the Concept of Wind Resistance

Tool Shed Moving Fail

Just Like in Knight Rider

Jeep Moving Fail

How Do You Pack Things Like This?

Crazy Packing Moving Fail

There Are No Words.

Funny Bike Moving Fail

This Is the Definition of Misery

Stuff on the Road Moving Fail

Where’s the Ladder They Used to Stack That Stuff?

Funny Packing Moving Fail

Aaanndd We’re Going to the Hospital in 3…2…1…

Couch Moving Fail

Duct Tape Wins Again

Duct Tape Moving Fail

Saved on a Trailer Rental, Doubles As a Security Lock

4-Wheeler Moving Fail

Truck That Wants to Boat

In the River Moving Fail

These Guys Must Have a Ph.D in Physics