3 Great Ways to Reward Yourself After a Move

There is no doubt about it — moving is hard and stressful business. From finding a new place to live to lining up movers you trust, until the last box has been unloaded in your new home you might feel like all you do is live, breathe and sleep moving. Once you’ve unpacked enough to be able to function normally, it’s time for a reward!

Relax the First Night

Plan on ordering out for your first meal in your new home. Whether your favorite food is pizza, Chinese or something else entirely, ordering take-out allows you to relax in your new home without having to worry about cooking. You also have the opportunity to explore some of the take-out restaurants near your new home. Bonus: if you have to go pick it up, it’s easy to swing by somewhere and grab a bottle of wine or a six pack to go with dinner.

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Find a New Restaurant

After you have settled in a bit, go out and explore your new area. Pick a restaurant and try the cuisine. You can use this opportunity to try different foods or you can stick to the tried-and-true favorites that you know you like. Either way, this is a good time to get to know your new town and your neighborhood as well as what it has to offer. Add in a movie at the local theater to make the night out one of total relaxation and entertainment.

Explore Your Town

Take a day or weekend and discover what makes your new town unique. Find out about the museums, sporting events, festivals and gyms that are near your home. Visit them to determine if they are the sorts of things you will enjoy. Chances are, you find yourself relaxing even as you begin to make new friends and learn more about what your town has to offer. For list of cultural and event calendars in Wilmington, NC click here.

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