3 Simple and Effective Ways to Make Moving With Pets a Breeze

One of the most often looked aspects of moving is moving the family pet(s). We take for granted that our dogs and cats are, for the most part, not really affected by moving. You wouldn’t think that an animal that literally has nothing to do but sleep, play, and eat could get stressed (outside of a thunderstorm) but like most other animals, pets are sensitive to new surroundings. It can stress them out and can make them act in ways you really wish they wouldn’t.

There are some simple and effective things you can do to help make moving with pets a breeze.

Go to the Vet

If you’re moving in town, this may not be an issue for you but for those people moving to a new town, this is essential. Schedule a visit with your vet. You’re going to want to:

  • Get a recommendation for a vet in your new city
  • Get a sedative for your cat or dog to make the time on the road or in the air pass more quickly and with less stress
  • Get a copy of your pet’s vaccinations. This will help the new vet get a clear picture of your cat or dog’s health.
  • If you cat or dog are on any medications, get prescriptions or refills. You don’t want to be in a new location and not have medication when you need it.

Get Your Dog Groomed The Week of the Move

If you’re moving out of town, you’re likely driving. This means hours in the car with your dog.

By taking your dog to the groomers you can make sure that he’s nice and clean and smelling good. They’ll get rid of the shedding hair as possible to keep it to a minimum as well trip his nails, which will protect your vehicle’s upholstery.

Just remember to be on the safe side and book your appointment early. If you wait until the week of to book the appointment, you could have trouble finding an opening. That would be no bueno.

Pack a Doggie Bag

When moving your pet, you don’t want to accidentally pack all of the pet things away. Like everybody else, your animal is going to get stressed out. The more you account for this, the easier the transition will be. The goal is to have a happy, relaxed pet.

You’re going to want to pack a doggie bag. I think the name works even if you don’t have a dog. It’s just fun.

In the bag should be a mix of everything that will make your pet more comfortable, including:

  • A favorite or familiar blanket. Every floor is a comfy floor when sleeping on a familiar blanket.
  • Food. Pack your pet’s favorites. This isn’t the time to teach him a lesson. It’s the time to lessen his stress. Nothing doesn’t that quite like bacon. Just sayin’. (I mean, if you were getting all worked up because a plane was delayed and they started passing out free bacon sandwiches, wouldn’t you relax a little?)
  • Distractions. If your pet loves toys, pack their favorites. If they’re into chews, get a bag of them. If they’re overly sensitive, pack the sedative you got from the Vet. You get the idea. Just like a kid, your pet needs something to do when staring off into space gets boring.
  • Leash/collar. You’ve got to walk your pet. Don’t forget these essentials.
  • Bowl(s). You’re going to need bowls for when it’s time to feed your pet. Make sure you have them packed. If you can’t wash them out right after they’re used, consider packing paper towels in the doggie bag too. It makes cleaning this and other messes up so much easier.

By doing these three things, you’ll be prepared to move your pet to a new city in a way that keeps them as relaxed and stress free as possible.