4 Practical Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

Moving can be one of the most stressful and annoying chores that an adult has to face. Although the aid of a friendly and patient moving company (that’s us!) may help, the entire process of packing and saying goodbye to the old and then unpacking and saying hello to the new, can be a nerve-raking detox that most people would gladly skip over.

One thing that always rears its head is the presence of unwanted stuff – the accumulated stuff is too good to be thrown out, yet they are no longer appealing to you. You do not want to bring them to your new place, so therefore you have to find ethical ways to get rid of them. Below are four practical ways in which to do so…

Sell your unwanted things

Now that you are moving on up, you can really use the extra money. Selling your unwanted stuff is the only way that you will gain financially. You may not get what you paid for them, but getting something is better than nothing. There are many ways that you can go about trying to sell your stuff – you can throw a moving sale, take them to consignment shops, sell them privately to friends or family, or you can list them on online using sites such as ebay or Craigslist.

Donate your unwanted things

Anything that still has life in it, can be donated. Items such as clothing, furniture, appliances, old cellphones, game systems and toys are among the top donated items. Do a quick web search to find local places that accept the goods that you have to offer and schedule a pick up/drop off.

There are some of the Wilmington nonprofits that accept donations

Re-gift your unwanted things

There is no shame in re-gifting items that still hold value. You don’t want it, however, you know someone who would appreciate it and it just happens to be their birthday – well, slap a bow on it and re-gift away.

Recycle your unwanted things

Somewhere close to 80 percent of the items we throw out is actually salvageable. Do some research to determine if the items you have can be recycled and then follow the necessary steps in which to do so. The City of Wilmington can recycle the items listed below and on this download.

  • Aluminum cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Tin and steel cans
  • Newspaper, including all inserts
  • Mixed plastic containers identified with
    #1 – #7 on the container’s bottom
  • Rigid plastic (Ex. laundry baskets and plastic tubs)
  • Mixed paper, including magazines and junk mail
  • Catalogs (under 2 inches thick)
  • Cardboard boxes (flatten first)
  • Cereal and food boxes
  • Gabled drink containers, juice boxes, carton drinks
  • File folders and computer paper
  • Metal pots and pans without plastic handles

You can recycle appliances at the following locations.
You can recycle many electronics at the following locations.

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