5 Obvious Signs You’re From Chapel Hill 

Chapel Hill is a city of newcomers, because a new crop of students is always in the wings, and they need faculty and staff to help them along. In Chapel Hill, we love UNC! But there are things a native Chapel Hill resident understands.

If you’re moving to Chapel Hill or have moved recently, you probably love to be in on the town secrets. It takes a little while to learn them, but here’s a start:

These are 5 signs you know you’re from Chapel Hill.

You Know How to Spell Dook

If you’re from Chapel Hill, you know this UNC-Duke battle isn’t a friendly rivalry. And you know how to spell the name of that school in Durham.

All your household drinking cups are plastic Carolina ones. When you open your closet, there’s a sea of sky blue, and on certain days, you wouldn’t dare be seen on public without it. At the very least, wear a UNC cap! Show some respect, people!

You Know Where to Park Downtown

Pay to park so you can dine on the sidewalk? Never! Folks from Chapel Hill get familiar with every free parking lot, broken parking meter, and tiny back alley downtown so they can park free—it’s the right thing to do. Beware of parking in people’s driveways, but have three or four of these secrets in your pocket and you’re golden.

You Check the Schedule at Cat’s Cradle

Even if your days of living for the late-night music scene are past, you have to check the Cat’s Cradle schedule in case anyone cool is coming. It’s worth being tired at work the next day for some of the amazing acts this Carrboro landmark brings to town.

You Know the Best Way to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is the holiday you will love or hate if you’re from Chapel Hill! The only way to celebrate, of course, is in a creative costume, on Franklin Street, with 50,000 other people. Remember to take pictures.

This is also the celebration location for any game win, of course.

Don’t Ask “Which UNC?”

If you’re from Chapel Hill, there is only one UNC—and it’s not called “Carolina!” The most annoying question someone can ask is, “Which UNC do you mean?” If we mean another school, we’ll say so.

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