5 Proven Inexpensive Home Staging Tips For Sellers

Staging your home can help it sell more quickly, and even gain you a little more money: Staged homes can sell for more than six percent above the asking price. But a staging service can be expensive. What can a homeowner do to inexpensively stage their home?

Here are a “Few” tips from Few Moves Moving Company to help you stage your home and keep the staging costs low.

1. Home Staging Begins with Curb Appeal

To begin your home staging, get the shrubs trimmed, keep the lawn mowed, and add a few welcoming touches at the doorway. A fresh welcome mat and some potted flowers make the entry bright and inviting.

2. The House-Selling Magic of Tidying Up

Excess clutter is discouraging for both you and prospective buyers. Your real estate agent will make this rule No. 1: Get rid of clutter. Your home will instantly feel more spacious, and you might be able to rearrange furniture to open up the rooms. Bonus: It’s easier to keep your house clean, and it’s free home staging.

3. Stage Your Home for Everyone

You want to help prospective buyers imagine living in your home. So when staging your home, remove personal items such as family photos. The leaner and cleaner your home looks, the better buyers can imagine their own favorite objects there. Some homeowners even rent storage space for large collections.

4. Add Lighting to Stage Your Home

There’s no cost to opening up blinds and curtains to let natural light shine in. Brighter rooms feel bigger. If you have a room that that’s naturally dark, add an inexpensive torchiere to bounce light off the ceiling and brighten the room. Put fresh bulbs in the bathrooms for inexpensive home staging.

5. Stage without Scent

Homebuyers may be sensitive to perfumes, even natural ones. You don’t have to bake cookies, but don’t fry fish, either. Fresh air is the best smell to get into your home whenever weather permits.

It’s easy and inexpensive to stage your home before showing it, whether at an open house or a private showing. Few Moves Moving Company wishes you the best of luck and the best of prices in your real estate endeavors! When you’re ready to move, call Few Moves at (919) 999-6201in Raleigh or (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington, NC or request a quote online for a full-service moving company that keeps your needs in mind.