5 Raleigh Restaurants You’d Be Crazy Not to Eat At

Whether you’re new to Raleigh, or a long time resident, you’d be crazy to miss out on dining at these 5 Raleigh restaurants.



Photo via Thomas R. on Yelp

Guasaca is a Venezuelan restaurant that’s been around for a few years now. We often mention it as proof that there are great restaurants in Raleigh that aren’t barbecue joints. While pretty much all of the food on offer here is excellent, the arepas (a type of Venezuelan sandwhich) are what we usually get. They’re especially good with the guasaca and cilantro sauces. The best thing about Guasaca is the price. Everything is really cheap here.

Bida Manda


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Bida Manda is an Asian restaurant located in downtown Raleigh. They have lots of different types of Asian food, but they specialize in what’s called Asian fusion, which means they combine the food from two different countries. In this case, it’s food from Laos and food from Thailand. We really like the pork belly soup, but it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s one of the spiciest things our guys have ever tried. Bida Manda isn’t really cheap, but it’s not too expensive.


Photo Via Justin T. on Yelp

Photo Via Justin T. on Yelp

Stanbury is a steakhouse which we consider to be one of the best in Raleigh. Sure, it’s not the cheapest place, but it’s good for special occasions. We would take our girlfriends here if we had girlfriends. The best option here is usually the ribeye steak. We’d recommend you go with medium-rare, as the chefs here actually know how to do it properly. If you want to be slightly more adventurous, we’d recommend the crispy pig’s head with Stanbury’s famous sweetbreads on the side.

Mami Nora’s

Photo Via Selena Y on Yelp

Photo Via Selena Y on Yelp

Mami Nora’s is the second South American restaurant on our list. While it’s from the same neck of the woods as Guasaca, the food is actually quite different. Mami Nora’s is known for their black beans and rice, and they offer a variety of different hot sauces to go with their food. Although the food is quite different from Guasaca, the prices are also cheap here.

The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

Via Dana C on Yelp

Via Dana C on Yelp

The last, and possibly strangest, restaurant on our list is The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar in northern Raleigh. The food here is just like it sounds: sushi burgers. We don’t think there’s any other restaurant like this in the city. While we had our doubts, the food here is actually really good. We’d recommend the Hunka Hunka burger and the sweet potato fries. The prices here are pretty much average, not too high or too low.

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