5 Tips to Keep Your Security Deposit 

You’ve been a good tenant, paid your rent, and kept your rental property in good shape. So you’ll get your security deposit back, right?

We at Few Moves Moving Company hope so! Let’s look over some of the rules and best practices that will help you avoid pitfalls and get back all of your hard-earned deposit money.

Reasons a Landlord May Keep a Deposit

There are some legitimate reasons for a landlord to keep all or part of a security deposit. Look these over to see if any fit your situation:

  • Damage to the property: Any damage that the landlord must repair for the next tenant can come out of your deposit.
  • Back rent: Rent or utilities that haven’t been paid.
  • Missing items: Especially in a furnished dwelling, but this may apply to any rental property.
  • Ending a lease early: The landlord may attempt to recoup losses from leaving early or lack of notice.
  • Unclean property: Any excessive mess—check your agreement for details.

Beware These Unreasonable Charges

Sometimes a landlord may try to keep a security deposit for reasons that don’t hold up:

  • Normal wear and tear: Carpets will wear and paint doesn’t last forever. There is a difference between property that has been damaged or left in a mess and property that has been cared for but honestly lived in.
  • Noise and disturbance: Noisy parties may be annoying, but they shouldn’t cost you your deposit.

Security deposits are held to protect the landlord from financial loss. But that doesn’t include regular maintenance, which is a landlord’s responsibility.

Tips to Help You Keep that Security Deposit

Expect to get your deposit back within 28 days of moving. Here are some tips for preserving that deposit:

  1. Leave your rental property clean. Mop and scrub or pay someone to do it after you’re gone. This shows goodwill and prevents the landlord from having to pay a cleaning service.
  2. Keep good records, including a copy of the lease and proof that all of your bills and rent have been paid.
  3. Repair small holes with spackling paste, leaving rooms ready for a fresh coat of paint.
  4. Repair any damage to the property as it arises, or let the landlord know.
  5. Be respectful in disputes. Everyone feels more benevolent when they are treated with respect.
  6. Put any disputes in writing. You will have documentation and a chance to cool off.

Few Moves Moving Company will do our part by moving you carefully and using extra protection for your rental property, such as floor protectors and stair rail protectors. We want you to get back your security deposit!

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