5 Tips to Organize Your Garage

For many of us, a garage is like a junk drawer for your house. Every miscellaneous item you don’t know what to do with gets tossed out to the garage for “later.” Of course, when later comes, the garage is full of junk and you have no idea where your item is.

Sound familiar? It’s time to organize your garage.

The easiest time to organize your garage is when you’re moving to a new place and starting with a clean space. Few Moves Moving Company has seen many a messy garage, but we believe that starting with a clean slate strengthens resolve and will make the task easier.

Here are a “few” tips from the pros to get you started.

1. Don’t Stuff the Garage Full Before You Organize

If you can, set up your organization system before filling the garage with “stuff.” This will make it easier to move around and to find things. Park your car outside and if necessary, pick a sunny day and move some of the larger items outside onto a tarp.

2. To Organize Your Garage, Start with Piles

Make three piles of stuff on the first pass: Garbage, recycling, and donate. Move as much as possible into these piles, and if there’s time, carry the extra stuff away now.

Then choose categories for the items you want to keep. A garage usually holds tools, yard equipment, car necessities, and sometimes holiday decorations. You might have other categories. Choose an area for each category.

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3. Organize with Shelving and Wall Organizers for Your Garage

Tools on pegboard

A pegboard is a great, inexpensive way to organize tools. You can add clips to pegboard to hold all kinds of small items in plastic bags so you can easily see the contents.

Choose inexpensive shelving that can accommodate boxes for larger items. Wire, metal or plastic shelving works best in the temperature and moisture extremes of a garage. If you have a big budget, check into custom cabinets that will hide your necessary garage items and look great.

4. Choose the Best Boxes for Your Garage Organization

Measure your shelving before choosing box sizes, and consider buying boxes in a limited number of sizes—they are easiest to stack that way. Plastic bins can protect your belongings from water damage and insects.

5. Organize Your Garage for Ease of Use

Think about how you use your garage—or want to use it—before setting up a placement system. Keep tools handy near a table or workspace, keep garden tools near the door, and keep heavy items low so they don’t fall on anyone. Read the labels on chemicals and flammable items to see if they need ventilation, and give them plenty of room for safety’s sake.

Organizing the garage is not necessarily the way you want to spend your Saturday afternoon, but you’ll be glad you spent a little time on the project when you use your garage. It’s a great thing to be able to find that ratchet, rope, or windshield washer fluid.


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