6 Tips for Packing–not Breaking–Holiday Decorations

We love our holiday decorations, whether it’s spooky Halloween accessories, razzle-dazzle July 4th accents or nostalgic Christmas adornments. When preparing for a big move, there’s a lot of stuff we simply toss into boxes and tape them shut. However, our beloved holiday decorations are an entirely different matter.

Is it possible to pack delicate breakables, wrinkle-prone table cloths and paper-mache turkeys without damaging them? Of course it is–and here’s how to do it:

1. Nothing sends your blood pressure skyrocketing faster than trying to untangle several strands of Christmas lights. Avoid giving yourself a nervous breakdown by wrapping each strand of lights separately around a paper towel tube and packing the tube between soft materials so that the light bulbs don’t break.


2. If you didn’t save the boxes in which your decorations were originally packaged, don’t despair. Household containers like egg cartons (for small ornaments, hooks or craft stuff), plastic ziploc baggies and partitioned boxes (used to package wine bottles or bulk items) work great to pack large decorations and fragile ornaments that need to remain upright.


3. Wax candles should be wrapped in clean rags, old (clean) socks, or tissue paper to prevent them from dehydrating and cracking.

4. Medium-sized plastic tubs filled completely with shredded paper are nice for packing holiday decorations that don’t have their original boxes. Secure the tub with a tight-fitting lid and make sure you have enough shredded paper in the tub to prevent the decorations from shifting around while in transit.


5. Don’t forget to take the batteries out of those nifty screaming skulls and animated stuffed dogs that bark “Jingle Bells” before packing them away. If batteries degrade and seep battery acid, your noisy, fun decorations could be permanently silenced.

6. O’Christmas tree, O’Christmas tree, how do I put you together? If the color-coded stubs on the branches of your artificial tree have faded, use nail polish to re-color-code them before packing. Just like the paper towel tube tip helps avoid “tangle anxiety”, this tip also doubles as a non-traditional, anti-hypertensive remedy.

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