8 Great Tips for Moving in Summer 

Summer is our favorite time of year! It’s the best time for sand, swimming, vacations, and—moving? Well, maybe not, but summer IS, by far, the most popular time for moving. More than 65% of all moves happen in the five months from May through September.

Why is summer the most popular time for moving? There are several reasons:

  • Kids are out of school, so their school year is not disrupted.
  • The military often moves personnel during the summer.
  • The real estate market operates on a warm-weather cycle; more houses are offered for sale in the spring.
  • It’s not freezing cold winter, when people hunker down for the season.

Because Summer is the busiest time for moving companies, there are more considerations to make before your move. But at Few Moves Moving Company, we have moved enough homes and businesses in Summer that we’ve learned a thing or two.

Here are some tips to make your summer move go a little more smoothly.

1.  Plan, plan, plan as far ahead as possible.

Moving companies are so busy in summer, you will want to start your planning as early as possible. Two months ahead of time is not too early—if you wait until your move is a month away, no matter how much they might want to, a moving company may not be able to fit you in.

2.  Watch out for too-good-to-be-true deals.

Beware of rogue movers that are not licensed and insured and who prey on desperate families who didn’t book a mover in time. Unfortunately, in summer some dishonest moving companies use unethical, illegal tactics to lure in customers. Few Moves Moving Company is fully licensed and insured so you don’t have to worry about valuable belongings.

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3.  Plan for packing for your summer move.

Make decisions early about packing, too. Are you going to  pack yourself or do you need packing and unpacking services? If you need help at the last minute, busy moving companies may not be able to accommodate your needs at the last minute.

4.  Move on a weekday in the Summer.

The most available times, the times when your movers can spend time on all the details without another job looming, will be weekdays in the middle of the month. Avoid weekends and month ends, and especially holidays. Memorial Day weekend is typically the busiest moving day of the year.

5.  Stay cool during your summer move.

A nice blast of cool air conditioning, even with the doors open so much, will be very welcome for both you and your moving crew. Fans blowing can really help, too, at both ends of the move.

Keep your family and moving team hydrated. Cold drinks, water, and sports beverages in a cooler are handy to grab. Be considerate of your moving crew; they’re used to the heat, but they need to cool down and stay hydrated, and they’ll love it if you point out a bathroom for them. Movers need breaks while working in the heat, too.

Remember to dress appropriately on moving day. Wear closed-toe shoes despite the heat, and lightweight, non-baggy clothes to suit the weather. Skip jewelry and anything that might get caught on corners during a move.

6.  Don’t put candles in the moving van in the summertime.

Some items must be packed separately to protect them during a move in the summer heat. Candles will melt all over your belongings; carry them in an air-conditioned vehicle instead. CDs, DVDs and other electronics can warp in a hot truck. Think ahead about what vulnerable items need to stay out of the worst of the heat.

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7.  Plan carefully for your kids on moving day.

Taking care of your kids helps in two ways: It helps the kids during a chaotic time, and it safely keeps them out of the movers’ way. A babysitter is ideal, because you will have your hands full. If the kids must be there, small new toys can keep them occupied in a separate area.

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8.  Make plans for pets, too.

With so many open doors and gates, pets must be cared for during your move and kept cool in the summer heat. A kennel can work great, or ask a friend to watch your furry friends. This will keep them from being underfoot or, even worse, escaping on moving day.

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