8 Moving Company Terms to Know Before You Move

Just like any business, moving companies have their own “jargon” of industry related terms. We realize that many customers may not be familiar with these terms and how misunderstanding them can effect their moving experience.

Few Moves Moving Company in Wilmington, NC and Raleigh, NC is committed to providing great customer service and also complete transparency in how we operate. To ensure a smooth move, get to know these moving company terms before you sign paperwork with any mover.

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1. Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is the contract between you and your moving company. It’s the most important document you’ll receive from the movers—make sure you understand it. It shows details of the move, such as the vehicle to be used for moving, its destination, and an order for service number. Go over the bill of lading carefully, ask questions, always keep a copy for yourself. Then keep it in a safe, accessible place during the move and afterward. If a problem crops up, this is where you’ll look for help.

2. Carrier’s Liability (Valuation)

Carrier’s liability is not to be confused with insurance.  All moving companies are required to assume liability for the value of the goods that they transport. However, there are different levels of liability, and you should be aware of the amount of protection provided and the charges for each option. The amount varies depending on the valuation chosen by the customer. If you are looking to insure your items, consider partnering with an insurance company to protect your shipment from a variety of problems. Ask your movers about all your options .

3. DOT Number

Every commercial vehicle involved in interstate transportation must have a United States Department of Transport (USDOT) number. That’s used to collect safety data, investigate accidents, and inspect vehicles. Be sure your movers have a DOT Number. Few Moves’ number is 2417428. We’re fully licensed in the state of North Carolina, too: Our NC license number is NCUC C-2521.

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4. Delivery Window

This one is pretty clear: Your delivery window is the time when the mover guarantees that your belongings will arrive at your new place. For a long-distance move, the delivery window can be substantial, from three to five days. For a local move, it will be much less.

5. Estimates: Binding or Non-Binding?

Non-binding: A quote or estimate would be non-binding estimate. Quality moving companies will ask a lot of questions to try to get as close to the true price as possible. The final price is given once the job is completed.

Sometimes after an onsite evaluation, a mover will offer a flat rate for the move, which is the same price for moving all the items, no matter how long the job takes. That’s a binding estimate.

6. Full Service Move

In a full service move, the moving company packs up all your belongings and unpacks them in their proper rooms at your new place. It’s possible to get additional services, such as furniture assembly and electronics hookups, for an additional fee.

7. Long Carry

Movers try to get the back of the truck as close to your entrance as possible, but sometimes it’s quite a hike. If the movers must carry your belongings down a little alley around to the back of the building, expect a long carry fee, an additional charge for extra distance.

8. Short Haul

Check the fee structure for your move. Usually a move of less than 450 miles is considered a short haul and you won’t have a long-distance charge, but this varies according to company.

For long distance or short haul moves, and for a clean, careful, professional moving company that wants to make your move go as smoothly as possible, check out Few Moves Moving Company. We’re fully licensed and insured and looking forward to our next move.

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