Apartment and condo moves tend to differ from a standard home when it comes to rules and regulations put forth by most landlords or management companies. There are a few more details to factor in than an average home move but no need to sweat we have you covered.


With over a decade of moving experience at Few Moves, our logistic teams are well experienced in the rules and regulations many facilities have in place. Our trained teams help navigate you during your  move planning so your experience is as seamless as possible.


Rental Move Checklist

  • Your landlord or management company might require a 30 or 60 day written notice of your move out. 
  • Are you required to reserve a move time slot? Facilities often have elevator reservation spots specifically for moves. Or you may be required to reserve a spot for your rental truck.
  • Document the condition of your rental. Take pictures of damage to the unit and make sure your landlord is made aware of any documentation you have so that you are not charged for these issues.
  • Utilities; make sure any utilities such as power, phone, internet, cable, and water are turned on or off at the proper time.
  • Cleaning; make sure to leave enough time after your items are moved out to allow for the cleaning of your rental.