Automated Moving Estimates vs A Few Moves Moving Estimate

When you’re in the process of requesting moving quotes or estimates from different moving companies, it’s possible to get a wide range of moving estimates. So why are some companies less expensive than others?

You may be tempted to go with the lowest quote, but there are many considerations to make before you choose. Making sure the estimate is accurate is an important one to avoid unexpected fees on moving day that may surpass even your highest moving quote.

How Accurate is Your Moving Estimate?

Other moving companies estimate by using:

Automated Computer Systems

Many popular moving companies make estimates with an automated computer system. These automated systems may estimate one hour per room without calculating specialty care for particular items such as grand pianos, mahogany buffets, or grandfather clocks. If you have a three-bedroom, two-bath house, your moving costs will be about the same as everyone else who has a three-bedroom, two-bath house, right? Unlikely.

Office Workers Without Hands-On Moving Experience

You may speak to someone on the phone for a more thorough estimate but often that person doesn’t have any actual moving experience. They are office workers and are not professional movers with expertise to back up their estimate.

A company that estimates with computer software automation will ask you to fill in a form tallying the furniture you have for each room, suggesting typical furniture. You can also add additional pieces that may not be listed on their tally. Since some three-bedroom houses are tiny and others spacious; some homes have many belongings and clutter and others keep possessions pared down. Some rooms may have lightweight, portable furniture, and others have heavy, specialty items, that may require special assembly.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen many people get “burned” by vague or “low ball” moving estimates created for them to get the job only to overwhelm the customer with added fees.

Beware Potential Added Fees After Your Moving Quote:

Always ask about any additional fees that may be charged to avoid surprise charges that could exceed your original moving estimate.

  • Is the estimate based on an hourly rate? Is the movers’ travel time to your home included in those hours?
  • Do they charge per mover?
  • Many companies will start billing from they moment they leave their office until the time they return back and not just the time moving your things.
  • Does the estimate include essential services like moving supplies, packing or unpacking? They may not mention these costs up front, but add the charges later.

A Few Moves Moving Estimate

Few Moves Moving Company is different. Our estimates are prepared by professional movers who do this every day, not automated computer software or office workers. For that reason, we know more accurately how much time it will take to move your belongings and we don’t overlook or leave out specialty items that could raise your bill. When appropriate, we send an estimator with hands-on moving experience to your home to tally your belongings and get the most accurate count.

A good, accurate moving estimate will contain:

  • A detailed inventory of your belongings, including furniture and appliances
  • A note of anything that requires special handling, such as a piano or special electronics
  • Any physical conditions such as stairways, elevators, or limited access
  • In a binding estimate, a specific list of what is included
  • The cost per mover per hour including travel time
  • Costs for packing/unpacking/supplies if requested or required


How to Avoid Underestimation Scams

Whether a moving company is deliberately underestimating your moving costs or whether they just can’t be bothered to give you an accurate estimate, in the end, it’s you who will pay. To avoid the pitfalls of lowball estimates:

  • Read reviews before you hire movers. Pay special attention to comments on any added costs.
  • Get a written estimate. Don’t accept a verbal quote over the phone, or an internet quote, or a simple rate sheet.
  • Your mover might offer a non-binding estimate based on estimated weight and services. But a non-binding estimate is subject to change.
  • Look for hidden costs. Ask what additional costs might come up that aren’t listed on your estimate, such as labor, wrapping, travel, and packing costs.

Move with Few Moves Moving Company

You can avoid underestimation problems and associated costs by booking a reputable moving company like Few Moves. Few Moves Moving Company is fully licensed and insured and always provides custom estimates with no hidden fees!

Few Moves offers a full range of moving services for local or long-distance moving, and our trained, clean-cut movers are professionals—not day laborers you find at other companies.

For a free custom moving estimate, call Few Moves Moving Company today at (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh or (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington.