How To Avoid Injury With These Professional Moving Tips

Moving is difficult enough as it is with planning, packing, sorting and organizing. You don’t need to add more on your plate by hurting yourself on or before moving day.

Practicing proper form and a bit of common sense will help ensure your moving day goes smooth and injury free.

Here are some professional moving tips from the pros at Few Moves that help will keep you injury free:

Moving Tip 1

The most common injuries that occur when moving are back injuries. You can prevent them by making sure you lift with your legs, bending at the knee and keeping your back straight.


Moving Tip 2

Make sure you clear a path to get you from point A to B without tripping or slipping over other items.

Moving Tip 3

Don’t carry more than one box at a time, even if you think you can pile them on. This is a good way to protect your self and your stuff.

Moving Tip 4

Take your time! Sure, you want to get the process over with as quickly as possible, but rushing can lead to injury.

Moving Tip 5

Always have someone to help you, especially when lifting large or even just oddly shaped objects.


Moving Tip 6

Stretching before and after moving heavy objects is important, especially if your muscles are not used to that sort of physical activity.

Moving Tip 7

Wear gloves that will help your grip. Dropping items could be dangerous for your toes, floors, etc.

Moving Tip 8

If something in your body doesn’t feel right, stop immediately. Chances are its a sign that pushing any further will cause injury.

It’s always important to have help and to know your limits. If the idea of moving on your own becomes too daunting, there’s always the prospect of hiring our team of moving professionals at Few Moves Moving Company. Call 910-512-6999 or request a FREE QUOTE ONLINE.