Best Long Distance Moving Company Raleigh NC

The big day will be here soon! As you prepare for your long-distance move, you’ll be saying goodbye to old friends and familiar places, from your pharmacist to the corner watering hole. Soon the old haunts will be memories and you’ll be meeting new people, getting to know new streets and new businesses in a new city.

Whether you’re a new transplant to Raleigh, NC or are leaving Raleigh behind, Few Moves is a great friend to have as a long distance moving company.

Why Choose Us for Your Long Distance Moving Company?

We Take Care of Your Belongings in Your Long Distance Move Raleigh NC

Few Moves Moving Company wants to make your long-distance move as easy as a move across town. Because we don’t want to miss any details, we schedule an on-site visit and estimate (if your move originates nearby). We will take an inventory and discuss what kind of packing you may need. We’ll figure out how many miles your long-distance move will take, and how much time we need to make it there safely.

If you need help packing, we show up with all the materials, and we box up all your belongings so they’re safe and secure. Our team of clean-cut, professional movers will load the truck carefully, and at your new home, the same familiar team will be there to unload it. If you like, we can even help unpack and set up your new place.


We Have the Assets for Your Long-Distance Move to or from Raleigh, NC

If you need it, we’ve got it. Few Moves has clean, modern trucks so your long-distance move is safe and reliable. All our equipment is customized for your particular move so everything hums along quickly. Our moving and packing supplies will fully protect your valuable belongings.

Few Moves has all the assets to make your move as fluid as possible. Our clean, modern trucks make long-distance moves safe and reliable. The trucks and equipment are customized to make your particular move a success.


Our best asset, though, is our people. Quite simply they are the best team of professional movers in any long-distance moving company in the U.S. You’ll be pleased with the staff that helps with scheduling and arrangements, and you’ll appreciate the young strong men who carry your prized possessions. We take a lot of pride in our trained, professional, hardworking staff, and our team stays with you throughout your long-distance move.


Protect Your Assets During a Long Distance Move to or from Raleigh, NC

Because our staff is composed of trained, full-time professionals, we take pride in our work. That means your assets get special protection during your long-distance move. With Few Moves as your long-distance moving company, whether you’re moving into Raleigh or leaving Raleigh for greener pastures, we’ll take extra care to see that your home is protected.

When we arrive, we lay runners on the floors to guard against scuff marks. Our clean moving blankets and stair rail protectors prevent bumps on your doors and railings. Our packers carefully load and organize your belongings for long-distance transport without movement, too.


Our dedicated team is fully licensed for long-distance moving within the continental United States. And in case of any unforeseen accidents, we are fully insured by multiple insurance policies.

Call and ask us about your cross country move at 919-999-6201 or request your free estimate.

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