What’s The Best Sightseeing Route When Moving Cross Country from NC

The best way to see the U.S. is by driving across it. You get the flavor of each region when you’re down on the ground, eating at local diners and cafes and visiting roadside attractions and national monuments.

Most of us can only hope to make this trip once or twice. It takes at least three days, and work schedules don’t often permit the luxury of long travel times. But when we move cross country from North Carolina, we have to move our vehicles too, and many of us make the trek across the country by car.


How to Choose Your Cross-Country Route

Now that you’re committed to driving cross-country, start thinking about your best route for sightseeing.

  • Choose your states. Are there states where you have never been that you’d like to add to your list? Now’s the time.
  • Choose your scenery. Some people love the mountains, others the desert.
  • Choose your landmarks. If you’ve always wanted to visit New Orleans or the Grand Canyon, put these landmarks on your sightseeing list.
  • Decide on a time frame. Maybe you want to get there in the shortest possible time, or you be able to add a couple of days for side trips. Either way, leave some extra time in case problems crop up—or in case you want to linger somewhere special.

Be Flexible in Your Cross-Country Sightseeing


You have two goals: To move across the country, and to make the process as enjoyable as possible. The key to managing both is flexibility.

  • Your route will be determined somewhat by your destination, starting from N.C. But let other factors sway you: Season, sights, and terrain, for instance.
  • Plan an easily-attainable destination for each day. This allows you to schedule lodging ahead of time. But if you don’t make it, don’t sweat it—you can make it up the next day, or regroup and reschedule.
  • Pack food. A cooler with sandwich materials can come in really handy when you’re hungry without a town in sight, or when you’d rather see the Rockies than the inside of another McDonald’s.

Sightseeing the Old-Fashioned Way: Maps

There are places in this vast country where 3G doesn’t work very well. You can request road maps from every state before you leave or buy them at gas stations along the way.

  • Try the Southern route, I-10, if your destination is Southern California or if it’s winter. You’ll love sightseeing in the mesas of the Southwest.
  • Interstates 70 and 80 will take you through the Rocky Mountains. Expect magnificent scenery and a challenging drive.
  • To travel the Great Lakes and end up in the Pacific Northwest, choose I-90.
  • Smaller roads let you do more sightseeing, but they do take longer than interstates. Try to fit a few smaller highways into your cross-country sightseeing move.

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