Best Ways to Meet People In Raleigh NC

Raleigh, NC is a friendly town! Whether you are moving to Raleigh to be near family, for a job, or for the exciting lifestyle Raleigh offers, there are lots of ways to make new friends when you arrive.

Meeting people in Raleigh who share your interests isn’t too difficult. You can join a group that enjoys activities you like, or just show up at any scheduled group that piques your interest. Need a kick start? Here are some suggestions for the best ways to meet new people when you move to Raleigh.

Join a Raleigh Networking Group or Two

Meet like-minded professionals who can help you learn more about Raleigh by joining a networking group. There are many networking groups targeted to your demographic or business. Here are just a few:

Try Out a Meetup Group in Raleigh to Meet New People

There are dozens of Raleigh Meetup groups! If you like salsa dancing, soccer, rock climbing, or writing, there’s something here for you. Or chat with new people in Raleigh who share your life events: Join a Meetup by age group, for divorce and grief support, or one just for folks who have the same dog breed.

Your Dog Loves to Meet People

Raleigh has a number of dog parks where tails are wagging! Dog parks and dog events are a great way to meet new people and stretch Barkley’s legs.

Have Lunch with Coworkers in Raleigh

Ask a variety of people at work to show you their favorite lunch place. Not only will you get to know your coworkers better, you’ll get to try out some great restaurants!

And when you decide you like a coworker, go ahead and ask them to do something fun. Even if they have a busy life, most people enjoy a change of pace and will make timeto do something different with someone new.

Go to Cultural Events in Raleigh

Art, music, theater, parks—Raleigh has it all. Don’t be shy about going new places by yourself; lots of people will be doing the same, and you may make some new friends!

Take a Continuing Education Class

One evening a week doing something fun sound good? Learn HTML, make bangle bracelets, and more at Community Services. Wake Tech Community College offers classes in cooking, wellness, creative arts, and languages. Try a dance class at Arts Together or try your hand at painting at a number of area arts centers. Or learn to take better photos at The Photo Classroom.

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Few Moves Moving Company has helped many people get started in Raleigh, and we bet you’ll have a great group of new friends in no time.