Where Can I Get the Best Pho in Wilmington?

Are you a fan of pho? If you’ve tried it, you probably like it—pretty much everyone who samples this Vietnamese treat falls for pho (pronounced fuh). Rice noodles and meat in a beef broth are topped with crunchy fresh vegetables for a rich, savory soup filling enough for a meal.

Here at Few Moves Moving Company, we have been searching for the best locations in Wilmington, NC to get a steaming bowl of pho. Each place is a little different and truly, depending on the day, we like them all. Try these pho restaurants and let us know which one you think has the best bowl of pho in Wilmington!

Saigon Bistro

Saigon is Wilmington’s downtown Vietnamese Mecca. The menu features mainly Vietnamese specialties including authentic hot pot and pho soups. Each bowl of pho is full of rice noodles in beef broth with scallion, onion, cilantro, and your choice of meat. Top your pho with sides of fresh bean sprouts, basil leaves, lemon, jalapeño, hoisin sauce, and sriracha. Saigon offers Pho Bo (beef and meatballs), Pho Tom (shrimp), and Pho Ga (chicken).

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Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Even though Sakura is a Japanese restaurant, they have a large Vietnamese clientele and serve a variety of pho—19 different versions! Each bowl has rice noodles, served with herbs and vegetables on the side—it’s the meat that changes. Meatballs, steak, brisket, flank steak, tripe, tendon, and chicken are available, as well as various combinations. Add extra meat, noodles, or more of Sakura’s specialty broth to customize your pho.


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Asian Fusion Noodle House

This humble noodle house located in the Wilmington shopping center that includes Target serves up a variety of delicious Asian soups, including a great bowl of pho. Choose all-beef pho with beef, tendon, tripe, and meatballs, or select from more nontraditional phos including chicken, pork, tofu, or vegetables.


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Indochine, Wilmington’s beloved Vietnamese and Thai restaurant, is a fan of pho, too. Traditional beef broth with rice noodles, onions, scallions, and cilantro can include marinated beef and meatballs (pho bac) or chicken (pho ha). Top at the table with basil, bean sprouts, and lime. It’s authentic pho in a fun, eclectic atmosphere.

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