Common Items Moving Companies Won’t Move

Most moving companies are happy to transport just about anything you want to your new residence or business, with a few exceptions. For example, if you ask a mover to load your collection of tarantulas onto the moving truck, you’ll probably get a strange look and nothing else. Movers cannot load hazardous things into a truck for reasons that you may not think of at the time of asking.

So to avoid being unprepared, Few Moves Moving company provides a list of items moving companies won’t move:

  • Anything that is explosive, flammable or corrosive (aerosols, car batteries, paint/paint thinner, pool chemicals, fireworks, etc.)
  • Ammunition and weapons
  • Propane tanks
  • Perishables that degrade quickly in airless, hot environments (rotting food odors will quickly permeate clothes and furniture and are nearly impossible to eliminate)

If you want gas-powered lawn mowers and tools moved, make sure you have emptied out the gas tank before we load them on our trucks.

For a list of more items that moving companies may not move, see UPS Common Items That May Be Hazardous.

Items We Will Move But Suggest You Move Yourself

  • Plants (we don’t profess to have green thumbs and can’t guarantee your rare tropical plant direct from the Amazon jungle will survive the trip).
  • Things with high monetary or sentimental value (gold jewelry, diamonds, antiques, family heirlooms, important documents)
  • Anything you might need to access immediately

If You Aren’t Sure About Something, Just Ask!

Please don’t wait until the last minute to ask us what we move and can’t move. It will make us feel bad because we can’t help you and you’ll feel stressed because you don’t have alternative arrangements made to relocate your items.

One More Suggestion

In addition to asking us ahead of time what we can put into our moving trucks, Few Moves Moving recommends packing a “Moving Essentials Box” and taking it with you on moving day. Items like an emergency change of clothes, snacks, medications, toiletries and wet wipes always come in handy when everything is neatly packed away.

However, there is one thing you won’t need to put in your Moving Essentials Box when you have Few Moves Moving company managing your move and making sure your items arrive safely–aspirin!

Give Few Moves Moving Company a call today or request a FREE MOVING QUOTE and see for yourself why we really are the right team to take care of your valuable belongings in a move across town or across country.