The Most Common “Moving Day” Problem (and What to Do About It)

We’ve seen it time and time again. An individual, family or business will hire Few Moves to do their move but the closing keeps getting pushed back and they’ve already given their notice for their current residence. This can cause them to have to move twice! Here are some tips to consider in order to avoid the extra time, costs, inconvenience, and frustration that can come with having to move twice.

Here are some time-tested tips for preparing to move when you’re finishing up new construction and closing on your new home.

Allow AT LEAST One Month Overlap From Your Old Place To Your New Home

You will thank yourself for this, I promise. Overlap your new and old places by at least a month. Yes, it costs a little extra to pay an extra month of rent or mortgage, but you will buy yourself the gift of flexibility if everything doesn’t go as planned. Consider this overlapping time part of your moving insurance.

Here’s why:

  • Sometimes things don’t go expected in a closing. It’s even possible for a seller to back out they day before closing.
  • Builders don’t always finish on time, often through no fault of their own. If the house isn’t done, you can set your closing back by days or even weeks.
  • Builders are less likely to fix issues once you’ve moved in. When you do your final walk-through before closing, you can let the builder know what little things they may need to fix—and give them a deadline.
  • It’s cheaper than moving twice! The costs and hassle of paying to store your stuff and moving into a hotel for a time are just not worth it.

Book Your Movers Near The End Of The Overlap Period

Book your movers for a convenient day near the end of the overlap period to avoid having to move twice or losing a portion of or all of your moving deposit. Many movers require a deposit in advance and have cancellation or re-scheduling policies in place. Be sure to ask your mover what these policies are before booking.

Tally Up your Costs Before Moving

You can get a pretty good handle on what your move will cost you by making a moving budget. Here are some items to consider when estimating moving costs:

  • New furniture. If you’re moving into a larger house, will you need new furniture? Budget for essential furniture and add optional pieces later.
  • Get estimates from reputable movers like Few Moves Moving Company. Don’t depend on an automated system or office workers that aren’t moves if you want an accurate estimate.
  • Whether your movers do the packing or you do it yourself, know the associated costs so you can budget for them.
  • If there are fees for transferring utilities or starting up with new companies, find out in advance.

Final Inspection and Walk Through

Be observant when walking through your new construction home before closing. Use a checklist, including these concerns:

  • Check all surfaces for damages.
  • Turn on all faucets, lights, and utilities. Make sure the hot water is hot.
  • Double-check that any special requests have been implemented.
  • Look for flaws in paint and woodwork.

Book Your Movers for the Big Day

Few Moves Moving Company is the perfect choice for your next move. We’re fully licensed and insured to protect your belongings as you move to your new home. We offer all the services you’ll need for local or long-distance moves. Call Few Moves today at (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh or (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington, NC to schedule an estimate for your move to your new home!