Moving Cross Country? Our Cross Country Moving Company Can Help!

Moving across the country should be as easy as moving across town. And when done right, even a cross country move should allow you more time to prepare and take care of other important details. With Few Moves Moving Company, muscles aren’t the only thing you hire. You are hiring experience, intelligence, and dedication to taking care of your valuable possessions.

Why choose our Cross Country Moving Company?


Our Assets

When you select Few Moves Moving Company, you literally hire the entire company. You not only get the entire team on the job, but you get the truck, the equipment, and anything else that is required to make your move a success. We have clean, modern trucks that are reliable and customized to make long distance moves safe and efficient. All of the moving and packing supplies we provide are properly utilized to fully protect your valuables so that when your possessions arrive at your new location, you won’t have to worry about scratches or marks.

But our greatest assets are our people. From the people that make the schedules and arrangements behind the scenes, to the gentlemen that pack and load your valuables. This is what we do. And you will find no better team of professional movers anywhere in the Carolinas or across the Continental United States. And remember, the team that loads your belongings on the truck, stay with them every step of the way whether you are moving to Charlotte or Seattle.

Protecting your assets during a cross country move

Not only are your possessions important to us, but protecting the property you are moving out of and into are also important. You won’t have to worry about any additional worries about scuff marks on floors, scratched paint or wood, or dented doors. When we arrive to move your belongings, we fully protect the flooring of your home with runners so there are no traffic marks left behind. We protect doors, railings, and frames to protect from scratches or dents using special protection before we load the truck. When the truck is loaded, each piece is carefully loaded and organized to assure there is no movement in the truck during transport. And last but not least, we are fully insured by multiple policies to protect you from any unforeseen accidents. We are fully licensed to move your belongings on long distance moves. We do not and will not hire local “hired hands” to unload and unpack upon arrival. Our team is your team from packing to unpacking.

How we work to move your belongings cross country

When you give Few Moves Moving Company a call, we will come out and take an inventory of your belongings and establish the packing requirements, where you are moving to, and the anticipated time and mileage involved in your cross country move. We will give you a fair and competitive estimate of your costs. Once you agree that we are the perfect choice, our team will spring into action behind the scenes making schedules for teams and equipment that will be needed for your long distance move.

If you need us to pack your valuables for you, we will come out and do so with all the necessary materials. Everything will be labeled to make an easy transition to your new home. Come loading day, your belongings will be carefully loaded onto our truck by your team with meticulous care to ensure no damage is caused in transit. When we arrive at your new home, unloading will take place according to the tags and labels. If you chose as part of your package, we can unpack your boxes and even help set your home up for you. Again, the same professional team that loaded your valuables is the same gentlemen that will be there to unload your belongings.

So give Few Moves Moving Company a call today or request a FREE MOVING QUOTE. And see for yourself why we really are the only team that is right for taking care of your valuable belongings in a move across town or across country.