Do I REALLY Need a Storage Unit?

Self-storage units can be a huge help during a busy move or while your live is in transition. Or, and more commonly so, storage units can hold onto your belongings indefinitely, often racking up substantial charges.

How do you decide if a storage unit is the best thing for you? Take good stock of your moving needs, your future plans, and your personal style to decide whether renting a storage unit is right for you.

In Storage Units, Timing Is Everything


  • Move your belongings into a storage unit when there will be a lag between when you move out of your house and when you move into your new one.
  • Put decorations and extra furniture in a storage unit when staging your home to make it clutter-free when it’s on the market.
  • If you’re on a tight schedule and don’t have time to set up your new house right away, put non-essentials in storage and fetch them when your schedule permits.


  • You can end up moving twice, once into the storage unit and again out of it and into your new place.
  • Procrastinators beware: There’s no statute of limitations on storage units—just monthly fees.
  • What’s non-essential when you’re packing can become essential as time marches on.

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What’s Worth Storing?


  • When staging your home, put little-used furniture and as many personal items as possible into storage. Clean out the closets, too, including seasonal and holiday items. Label everything clearly.
  • Wood furniture and electronics should go into a climate-controlled storage unit, because temperature changes can cause condensation and drying damage.


  • Be careful not to hide items you may need. Bank and health records should be kept safe. Items you may want later, if the storage period is extended, should be near the top and labeled—put them in last.
  • Choose wisely—don’t pay to store items that would have a happier home if given to charity.

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How Much Is a Storage Unit Worth?

  • Decide in advance how long you are likely to need a storage unit, and fit that cost into your budget. What if you need your unit longer—will the costs be affordable?
  • If you’re storing items for home staging purposes, set an end date for sale of your home, and reevaluate when that date arrives.
  • Shop around! Units vary in quality and security. Find one that suits your needs at an affordable price.

Long Term Storage Vs. Short Term Storage

  • Choose items for long-term storage carefully, and label them well.
  • Some people warehouse their belongings in a storage unit to temporarily keep items during a move. This can be handy, or it can prolong the agony of moving. Know thyself.

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