Don’t Let Bad Weather Ruin Your Smooth Move

According to your local news channel, the weather is expected to be partly sunny on the day you move. Isn’t that great?

Unfortunately, meteorologists can’t always predict which way Mother Nature’s curve balls are going to spin. Waking up on moving day to the sound of pouring rain drumming on your roof (or six inches of snow covering your driveway depending on the temperature outside) isn’t the end of the world. Seriously!

First of all, don’t start berating the weather person. He or she is only human. And don’t panic. Few Moves Moving has some great tips (and stress busters) to keep your belongings safe and dry. 

Protecting Your Belongings the Right Way

  • Seal your boxes well with packing tape–the tape will protect the cardboard from moisture and ensure your items remain safe in the box
  • Wrap all framed artwork in plastic wrap so that moisture does not infiltrate gaps along the frame
  • Ask us about heavy-duty plastic covers or mattress pads we have to help you protect your items in rain, snow or high humidity.
  • If you already have clothes packed in boxes, just wrap the boxes in large-sized garbage bags.
  • Use old sheets and heavy blankets to prevent wood furniture from getting wet

If you would like our guys to do the packing for you – we do that too!

Prepping the New Home on a Rainy Moving Day

  • Lay old towels or rag rugs outside and inside the front door
  • When mud is a major problem, purchase a few plastic hall runners and lay them where needed
  • If it’s cold outside, turn the heat up at the new place before you start moving your stuff in
  • Make sure everybody who is helping you move is wearing shoes with non-slip tread–you don’t want cousin Bob slipping and falling while he is carrying a glass Tiffany vase your great-great-great grandmother once owned.

If you would like our guys to do the un-packing for you – we do that too!

How Few Moves Moving Will Brighten a Rainy Moving Day

We not only offer moral support and umbrellas on a bad weather moving day but also provide shrink/plastic wrapping services for larger pieces of furniture and plenty of furniture padding to keep your items safe, sound, and covered. We also try to get as close as possible to your garage (when applicable) to help reduce the amount of time it takes to move items from one shelter to another in inclement weather.