5 Organization Tips for Downsizing Your Home

Empty-nesters and Marie Kondo devotees alike are moving away from the “bigger is better” model of housekeeping. They’re downsizing. Some people even go to the extreme of finding a tiny house!

Whatever your reasons, downsizing your home is a mixed blessing. It feels great to lighten the load—but it’s tough to make the call when it’s time to actually get rid of things. Here are some tips to help you through the process of downsizing your home.

1. Cast a Cold Eye on Your Belongings

Go through your home with a cold eye. Do this when you’re feeling efficient, not sentimental! Sort items into groups: Definitely keep, definitely get rid of, and maybe. If the “maybe” pile is large, try again.

Mementos can be minimized by taking pictures of the item, then sending it along to a new home where it can be loved and used by someone new.

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2. Pull Everything Out of Storage

Because your storage areas are packed tightly, they can hide a tremendous amount of stuff—stuff you never use. If you haven’t looked into a box in a year, you probably don’t need it. Sell it or donate it right away before you waver.

You may have essential items you can’t access due to organization. Hobbies and tools sometimes fall into this category. As you sort and choose which items to keep—and get rid of damaged or useless items—plan new organizational systems so you can actually use your things in your new, smaller home. Plastic bins and shelving, especially clear ones, can be a huge help in keeping your projects handy.

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3. Measure for a Perfect Fit

If you have large items such as a piano or antique china cabinet, measure where you plan to put it before the move. You may find some things will not be coming along to your new downsized home because they just won’t fit. Find a happy home for them before moving day.

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4. When All Else Fails, Stall

It sometimes happens that you just can’t get rid of enough things to move happily into your smaller home. A storage unit can be a big help. You may feel less sentimental about keeping things when you’ve done without them for six months or a year.

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