Save Money, Time, And The Environment With Eco Friendly Moving Boxes

Few Moves is the only moving company in North Carolina that can supply you with plastic eco-friendly moving boxes for your home or office move. Our movers and our customers are loving the convenience, savings, and good feels that come with saving the environment when they rent eco-friendly moving boxes from Few Moves.

These large (about 2.7 cubic feet), sturdy (crush and tear proof), plastic (water and dust resistant) moving containers have become increasingly popular and the reasons why are clear.

Here are some reasons to opt for our eco-friendly moving boxes for your move

Save Time with Eco-Friendly Moving Boxes

Time is a valuable commodity- especially around moving time. There are many ways renting plastic moving boxes will help save precious time.

  • Less planning needed to select, pick-up, and receive packing supplies (tape, boxes, box cutters)
  • Boxes can be dropped off and picked up from your home for convenient packing and unpacking.
  • Eco-Friendly moving boxes are pre-assembled and ready to load, pack, stack and move.
  • No more assembling or breaking down cardboard moving boxes
  • Easily stackable and transportable
  • Zero waste to remove after your move (no trips to the dump or recycling center)

Save Money with Eco-Friendly Moving Boxes

Whats better than saving the environment? Saving the environment while you’re also saving money! With eco-friendly plastic moving boxes, you can expect to save money because…

  • No need to purchase packing tape
  • No need to purchase cardboard boxes
  • You don’t have to order/pick-up/ship cardboard boxes to your house
  • Our boxes are sturdy and spacious thus requiring less boxes overall
  • Our movers are more time efficient moving, packing, and unpacking since all boxes are the same size
  • Only rent what you need
  • Less risk of damage to your things

Eco Friendly Moving Boxes Rates

*Additional boxes may be rented individually at a rate of $3.00 per box. Request a FREE ESTIMATE

Save the Environment with Eco Friendly Moving Boxes

Instead of using trees to make new cardboard boxes that are used once, maybe twice and then dumped into a landfill, we’re providing an alternative. This is a box that can be used over and over again!