5 Reasons Empty-Nesters Should Consider Moving

Who needs that big old house once the kids are on their own? It may be nice to have large spaces once a year when all the grandkids are there, but the rest of the time, it can be a real white elephant. If you’re an empty-nester who is considering a move, here are 5 good reasons to take the plunge.

1. Empty Nesters Can Save Money by Downsizing

Not only is a smaller house cheaper, it’s cheaper to maintain. Why pay to heat and cool empty rooms that you don’t really use? When you sell your big house, take the extra money from the sale and bank it for your retirement. That cash can go to expenses, savings, travel, or lots of other projects.


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2. Move Closer to Your Kids

Often adult children move to another town because of work, a spouse, or adventure. If you want to be near them and the grandkids, pick up and move. This has the added benefit of taking some worry from your kids’ shoulders—they can be nearby to help with medical issues that may arise, and you can be nearby to give them a hand, too.

3. Less Home Maintenance = More Fun

Stop mowing the kids’ ball field out back and get a low-maintenance place. Many empty nesters like to move to a community that provides lawn and yard maintenance; others enjoy a small garden that doesn’t require too much time.

The time savings in less home maintenance can be used for all kinds of activities. Spend time with friends, do the traveling you couldn’t do when the kids were young, and spend time on hobbies you may have dabbled in but not fully explored. Don’t forget to take time to stop and smell the roses—loafing is part of the empty nester’s dream.

4. Make a Nest for the Future

Plan your new empty-nest home with the future in mind. Get rid of stairs and set up a home you can stay in as you age. That means keeping a low-maintenance profile, but also consider where you want to stay—city or country? Small house or condo? Choose a place that fits your future needs as well as the needs of the moment.

Few Moves Can Help Empty Nesters

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