Find a Raleigh NC Moving Truck

Moving day—everyone’s favorite day—approaches, and it’s time to look for a Raleigh NC moving truck. As you prepare to move, think about the best way to handle the process. Often, even if you’re planning to rent a DIY moving truck, it turns out that hiring a moving company is the way to go.

Here at Few Moves Moving Company, we’ve learned a thing or two about the best way to move your household or business possessions. Let’s break down the moving process and see whether a DIY moving truck or a moving company is best for you.

An Estimate Tallies Up Your Move

At Few Moves Moving Company, we help assess your needs with a free on-site quote. We’ll determine the size of the truck you need, how many boxes will be needed for packing, how many movers it will take to load the truck, and how far away your new home is. All that information means there will be no surprises or hidden costs on moving day.

Packing Boxes

The best thing—and the worst thing—about moving is that it forces you to be organized. After you sort through your things and get rid of the clothes that don’t fit and furniture that doesn’t suit you anymore, it’s time to pack. Your moving company can do this for you with boxes that stack neatly on the moving truck, and they’ll have it done in a day. If you do it yourself, it can save money. But consider the cost of boxes and packing materials and the time spent searching for these materials. There may not be as much difference as you think.

The Moving Truck

It’s tempting to rent a moving truck and try to move everything yourself. But it’s hard on your friends and family members to carry heavy boxes, desks and armoires down (or up) a set of stairs. There can be a cost to your friendships—or your back.

When you hire Few Moves Moving Company, we bring along our moving truck and the labor to go with it. Our professional movers don’t mind the heavy stuff—that’s their job.

Unpacking After the Move

When you arrive at your new home, there’s a lot of carrying still to be done. If you have a DIY moving truck, it means you’ll be doing the carrying. If you hire a moving company like Few Moves, we’ll unload the moving truck for you and even unpack your belongings if you like. But if you want to economize, you can do the unpacking yourself and put everything just where you want it. You’ll still save a lot of heavy lifting!

Insuring a Safe Move

When you rent a DIY moving truck, the safety of your belongings is yours alone. If Uncle Rick drops the TV, you’ll have to forgive him and go buy a new one. If your possessions shift in the truck and your lamp shades are crushed, you’ll be heading to the lighting store on your own dime.

But a reputable moving company like Few Moves Moving Company offers valuation policies that for any damaged property. A good moving company knows how to prevent damages to your belongings, your house, and everyone’s muscles.

Go the Distance

A big consideration when hiring a moving truck is distance. The farther you will be traveling, the harder it is to drive the moving truck yourself, and the greater the chances of breakage for your prized possessions. If it’s a long-distance move, who will help unload at the other end? A moving company can be a big help when covering any distance.

How Much Will It Cost?

Cost is often the deciding factor when you choose to hire a DIY moving truck. Everyone wants to save money, but after considering options and adding up the DIY costs, you may decide a moving company like Few Moves is a better choice.

Call Few Moves Moving Company today at (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh, NC to see what your options and costs will be. We may be able to find just the right deal for you! Or you can request a quote online for free. We think you’ll find Few Moves is a great value for your next move!