Where To Find The Best Kombucha In The Raleigh Area

Kombucha is praised the world over for its healing properties. It is believed by many to be a cure for cancer, digestive disorders, arthritis and cancer.

If you think that a drink that is made by adding yeast and a culture of bacteria sounds unpalatable and far beyond anything that you would ever consider putting in your mouth, you are in the minority. Kombucha is actually fermented tea that has been used by Asian cultures for centuries as a medical tonic and now it has become increasingly popular in the Raleigh Durham area.

Here are some places where you can find fresh brewed Kombucha in Raleigh NC.


Kombucha and nothing but kombucha that is the sentiment of the co-founders of Tribucha. The duo combined their life savings to launch the Triangle’s newest impression of kombucha. If you are looking for a hearty drink that will detoxify your body, build and restore your immune system and boost your immune system, Tribucha kombucha is the drink for you. The concoction can be purchased straight from the tap of the Tribucha cafe or you may purchase it from one of the many establishments that sell it like Raleigh Brewing, Sola Coffee Café, Café Sola, 110 Yoga, or Tin Roof Teas.

Raleigh Brewing Company

Raleigh Brewing Company is known for its great tasting brews. They feature a vast selection of year-round varieties which include their popular Scotch ale which is a smooth blend of honey, toffee and caramel. They also serve a selection of international brews from places like Britain and Germany just to name a couple, as well as favorites named for some of Raleigh’s local establishments and local folklore. If kombucha is your drink of choice, the Raleigh Brewing Company offers a fresh brewed version of the fermented tea that is full of probiotics and is offered in a variety of flavors including Root Beer.

9th Street Bakery

The smell of freshly baked breads and cookies is usually what draws most people into the 9th Street Bakery. Once inside you can treat yourself to a wide selection of croissants, muffins and scones. You will also be able to choose from a selection of popular beverages including the ever popular kombucha. Whether you choose to visit the bakery for breakfast or lunch, you will find a menu that will not only please your taste buds, but the reasonable prices will satisfy your wallet as well.

Raleigh Raw

Known for their delicious and uniquely flavored smoothies, Raleigh Raw is the place to go if you are looking for a healthy treat. In addition to the blueberry bee pollen smoothies, you can also indulge in a great tasting kombucha. Patrons are treated to a complimentary serving pf cucumber water that can be used as a chaser or an appetizer. If you happen to be in the mood for something a little more substantial to fill your belly, you can select something from the impressive menu. A juice bar that is full of swag and flavor, Raleigh Raw is a fantastic place to go to relax to good music, and socialize with the locals.