How to Score Free Moving Boxes in Wilmington NC

You never know how many things you own until it’s time to move. Suddenly you have hundreds of objects, and they all must be carefully packed for transport.

Everything is easiest to move when it’s packed in a box.

Finding moving boxes can be a challenge. You’ll need large boxes for blankets, small boxes for books, tall boxes for lamps—and a surprising number of medium boxes. You may want to buy some moving boxes, especially for odd-sized items or electronics. But you’ll also want to scout around and get as many free moving boxes as you can.

Tips for Scoring Free Boxes in Wilmington, NC

When begging for free cardboard, remember, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar—or more empty boxes with charm than with sass. Retailers might even save boxes for you if you befriend them. Find out what time of day is best: After deliveries and before the boxes make it to the compactor, when the store is not too busy.

The Best Retailers for Cardboard Boxes

  • Liquor stores get deliveries every day and are a great source of quality smaller boxes. Some have inserts that are great for glassware, vases, etc. Liquor store boxes are so popular with people moving that the stores often keep them stacked for a while before crushing them, too.
  • Bars have similar stock and beer boxes, too. Check in the afternoon when they are open but not yet busy.
  • Office supply stores have great boxes. Sometimes they’d like to sell you boxes for moving, but check what they’re willing to give away for free.

Look Online for Free Moving Boxes

Craigslist is a great source for free boxes. Many people want to get rid of their boxes after moving, and it’s a great recycling tool to give them away! Freecycle is another online source for moving boxes. And you can post the boxes for giveaway on these sites when you’re finished with them.

Ask Your Friends for Moving Boxes

Your Facebook friends, that is. There may be people with moving boxes who you didn’t even realize were moving. Or friends of friends may have a stash of boxes.

Real friends and coworkers are a great help too. Some people are always ordering from Amazon; others have tons of kids and buy in bulk at Costco. If you let people know you’re looking, they often will bring boxes right to you.

Check the Back Rooms at Work

Office supplies come in sturdy boxes perfect for moving boxes, and if you have a mailroom or a loading dock at work, make sure the people who work there know you’re they’re new best friend.

If You Need to Buy Boxes

Sometimes you need specialty boxes, such as wardrobe or computer monitor boxes. You can buy some boxes at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or mini-storage offices.

Few Moves Moving Company also offers moving boxes for sale. We sell cardboard moving boxes of all sizes, dish packs, and packing supplies such as packing tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, and more. Few Moves will help you figure out how many boxes you’ll need, too.

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