The Most Fun Things To Do With Pets in Wilmington NC

Our best friends need to get out and have a good time just like we do! If you’re moving to Wilmington, NC or if you already live here, you may be looking for fun things to with your dog.

At Few Moves Moving Company, our best friend Grady keeps us busy when we’re off the clock, so we’re always looking for ways to include him in the fun. Here are a few of the most fun things to do with pets in Wilmington, NC:

Dogs Love Walks on the Beach

Just like people, dogs love long walks on the beach. And they’re welcome in winter at most local beaches, on a leash. Here’s a rundown of rules at a few:

  • Wrightsville Beach: Oct. 1 – April 1
  • Carolina Beach: Nov. 1 – Feb. 28
  • Freeman Park: All year; dogs must be leashed Nov. 1 – Feb. 29
  • Kure Beach: Oct. 1 – March 31
  • Fort Fisher: All year
  • Topsail Beach: All year; Oct. 1 – May 14, must be under voice command
  • North Topsail beach and Surf City: All year

Make Some New Friends at the Dog Park


Big or little, dogs are interested in other dogs. Let your pup stretch her legs off-leash at an area dog park. There are off-leash dog parks in Wilmington at Empie Park, Hugh McRae Park, and Ogden Park.

Take Your Pup Shopping for a Fun Outing

For fun on a rainy day, your pet might like to go shopping. Area pet stores welcome dogs, where they can meet other dogs, sniff the merchandise, or help choose a yummy treat. Dogs are allowed to shop at PetSmart and PetCo, Aunt Kerry’s Pet Shop, Unleashed, and most pet stores.

Can’t Be Home? Try Doggy Daycare


We have to work to put dog food in the bowl, so sometimes our furry friends need to be entertained elsewhere. Local doggy daycare facilities often double as groomers, so a bath and a romp may be in order. Here are a few day care centers for dog fun:

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A Word on Fun for Cats

Cats don’t much like the beach, but they will go for a walk in the park if you live near one. For safety and cooperation in general, it’s best to keep cats close to home. But do check out area pet stores for fun toys for your cats. They get bored at home, and then they can find plenty of mischief!

Few Moves Moving Company is ready to help when you need to move your home, family, and pets. We take extra care with our work so that all family members, even four-legged ones, have what they need for a safe, easy move.

If you’re planning a move in Wilmington, NC or Raleigh, give Few Moves a call today at (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington or (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh. We’ll help you decide what services you need for the best move of your life. Or request a quote online.