Genius Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Jingles, Selfie, Mr. Elf—No matter what your Elf on a Shelf is named, Few Moves Moving Company in Wilmington, NC, has some genius ideas for elf fun this Christmas season.

Elf on the Shelf Welcome Breakfast: The menu is hot chocolate, with yogurt “snow” atop “North Pole” pancakes.

Elf on the Shelf Countdown: Wrap Christmas books and movies you already own. Kids can open one each day, like an Advent calendar.

Elf on the Shelf donuts: Top Cheerios with a mix of powdered sugar and milk and colored sprinkles to make tiny donuts. Kids can help!

Elf  on the Shelf hideaways:

  • Your Elf on a Shelf can hide in a light fixture (away from the bulb)
  • In a Christmas wreath
  • In a tissue box (tissues make good blankets)
  • In a marshmallow “bath”
  • In the Christmas tree
  • Hanging from the kitchen cabinets, arms through the handles
  • Clinging to a picture frame
  • Tucked into a child’s bed

Candy Cane Hunt: The Elf on a Shelf hides candy canes like Easter eggs around the house. Count your canes before hiding.

Gingerbread House: Ask your Elf on a Shelf to bring a gingerbread house kit for the kids to decorate. Can’t find a kit? Make houses from graham crackers and canned cake frosting.

Elf on a Shelf Sugar Cone Trees: Add trees to your gingerbread house setting with upside-down ice cream cones decorated with leftover frosting and sprinkles.

North Pole Treats: Your Elf on a Shelf greets kids after school with a stack of snowy donuts (powdered sugar donuts) with a candy cane through the center holes.

Elf on a Shelf Chair: Kids can make a seat for your elf from Legos, Lincoln Logs or other building sets.

Marshmallow Snowman: Your kids can help the Elf on a Shelf make a snowman from marshmallows, using a marker or food coloring for features and buttons.

Elf on a Shelf Fly Away: On Christmas, have your Elf on a Shelf end his holiday visit with a goodbye note and a gift, such as a holiday movie.


Whether your holiday season means moving or staying in your home, Few Moves Moving Company in Wilmington, NC sends you warm wishes for your festivities. For your year around packing, moving, and storage needs, trust Few Moves. Call (910) 512-6999 or


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