Genius Tips to Keep Track of Important Items During Your Move    

Let’s take everything you own out of its proper place and put it in cardboard boxes, shall we? And then let’s put it all back without misplacing a single item, OK?

It may sound impossible—and it does come close—to think you can move your household without losing an item or two. But as professional movers who do a lot of packing, we at Few Moves Moving Company know that you can do a lot to keep track of your important belongings and prevent losing items you need.

How Things Gets Lost During a Move

Most of the time, important items are lost through poor organization. Here are a few examples:

  • An heirloom is stuffed into a box with last-minute items.
  • Small items, such as electronics, jewelry, and money, are tossed in with other small items, making them hard to track down.
  • Delicate items are packed with pillows—and not unpacked for months.

Lists and Labels are Your Moving Day Allies

Organization is the key to keeping track of important items during a move. If you’re not naturally organized, try these tips:

  • Label every box with the name of the room where it will go in your new home. Label the top and sides. And label what’s in the box, too.
  • Keep a list of what’s in the boxes. For instance, a box labeled “KITCHEN DRAWER” can have a more complete list of what’s in it: “Serving utensils, garlic press, fridge magnets, salt shakers.” These detailed lists can save you a lot of time that first week in your new home!
    This list can be kept on a clipboard (easiest) or taped inside the top of the box.

Keep Your Room Boxes Separate

  • Pack one room at a time, and keep the boxes in that room. This prevents your grandma’s silver hairbrush from co-mingling with the nondairy creamer and Legos, to be found—someday.
  • Put empty boxes, packing tape and markers in each room to make this task easier.

Special Items Require Special Care

  • Electronics are troublesome to move because important pieces get lost. Keep track of cords by putting them in Ziploc bags and taping them to the TV or computer. If there are too many to tape, label the Ziploc bags (“TV to Roku,” “Modem to Router,” etc.) and put them in a well-marked box.
  • Some things should be packed carefully and hand-carried in your car. Expensive jewelry, medical and school records, checks, and bills don’t need to ride the moving truck where they can be misplaced in the shuffle. Label your boxes and keep these items separate.

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