How to Get your Adult Children to Move Out

“Empty-nest syndrome” is sometimes called “happiness.” Sure, you miss your kids. But freed from the responsibilities of parenthood, many empty-nesters click their heels even as they wipe away a tear or two.

What about when grown kids boomerang back home? Few Moves Moving Company has seen its share of this in Wilmington, NC, and we have a few tips to gently help your fledglings to fly.

Why Grown Children Move Back Home

Even kids who have graduated from college and seem to be launching careers move back to their parents’ house. A tough job market and growing student debt drive adult children back home. Part-time contract work isn’t always enough to pay the bills. Even if they’re dismayed to find boomerang kids on their doorstep, most parents aren’t prepared to kick them out.

Set Up Ground Rules Before Adult Children Move Back Home

When a child moves back home, it’s best to have an exit strategy in place. Include a move-out deadline and an action plan for while they’re home. Family policies help too. Late nights watching TV can keep mom and dad awake. You may not want to share your computer. And what about guests for dinner—or overnight?

If your adult child has a job, what will they be responsible for paying for around the house? It’s reasonable for working children to foot their own bill for phones and put gas in the car. If your adult child doesn’t work, parents might be able to hire them for household jobs they would otherwise pay for, such as mowing the lawn, paving the driveway, or painting the house.

Agree on a date to start paying rent and an amount. Some parents put the rent payments aside for a nest egg, and hand the money back on moving day, or put it into an account for college or a car.

The Job Search for the Boomerang Kid

If your adult child moves back home, it’s their job to find a job. They should not limit the search to applying to online job postings. Networking, going to job and industry events, and contacting alumni associations and target companies are important components in today’s job search. Review the basic rules of networking, such as the importance of writing thank-you notes. If you want to share your business contacts, let them know in advance that your child might be emailing them. And warn your young job applicant not to send a mass email to your contacts.

Encourage your adult child to look for work that matches their skills, not just her degree. Young adults with less experience may not have thought about how their strengths might translate into another field.

Tough Love for the Child Who’s “Stuck” Living at Home

A year goes by, but little Johnny is still watching Netflix on your couch. How do you motivate him to find a job and move out? You might need to push adult kids to take an entry-level job to get them started. Even a burger job, living with three roommates, means your adult child is out your door and into the big grown-up world. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Few Moves Moving Company in Wilmington, NC can help when adult children move back home. Need storage, packing supplies or help with the move? We can help. And when your adult child is finally ready to move into their own place, give Few Moves Moving Company a call at (910) 512–6999 or REQUEST A QUOTE ONLINE.