Goldilocks and the Three Moving Companies

Once upon a time there was a family named the Lockes. There was a father, John Locke; a mother, Dora Locke; and a little girl called Golda Locke. The Lockes lived in a small house and were moving to a bigger one.

The Lockes searched high and low for the perfect moving company. They looked on Craigslist, the Internet, and asked for referrals from friends. They asked each moving company several questions.

Does Your Moving Company Have Insurance?

The first company the Lockes called had no insurance. “We will be careful,” they promised, but little Golda Locke wasn’t sure. She wanted her PS4 system to make it through the move. When the Lockes called Few Moves Moving Company, they found the company was fully licensed and carried four different insurance policies. They guaranteed that the Locke’s belongings would arrive safely.

“Few Moves is just right,” Golda Locke said.

Is the Moving Staff Professional?

Dora Locke called a moving company she found on Craigslist. The owner hired his movers at the day labor office and also hired college students. “That doesn’t sound reliable,” Dora said. She called a national chain company. The movers sounded better, but the price made her swoon.

Then Dora called Few Moves Moving Company. Few Moves offered a team of highly trained professional movers who take pride in what they do and believe in teamwork and integrity.

“That sounds just right,” Dora Locke said.

Everyone Needs an Affordable Mover

John Locke believed in a fair price for an honest day’s work, but he wasn’t made of money. He called several movers to discuss prices on moving the belongings of his average three-bedroom house.

Some movers seemed to quote a price that was too low. “I could rent a U-Haul for that,” John Locke said. “I wonder if there are hidden costs they’re not telling me about.”

Some movers quoted a price that was much too high. “I would need to take a second mortgage to pay that price,” John said.

But Few Moves offered a fair price with no hidden fees. “That’s affordable!”

John Locke said. “Few Moves’ price is just right.”

Checking Movers’ References

The Lockes were pretty sure about Few Moves Moving Company, but they had one more question.

“Can you provide references?” they asked. Few Moves could, and they suggested the Lockes look up their online reviews, too.

“Few Moves is just right!” the Lockes said.

When you want your move done just right, and at a price you can afford, call Few Moves Moving Company at (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington, NC or (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh. We think you’ll find that we’re just right.