How to Be a Good Neighbor During Your Move 

Even when you’re leaving a neighborhood, it’s thoughtful to be a good neighbor. It’s not difficult to show consideration for your neighbors when you’re moving, and they will really appreciate it! And of course you want to make a good impression on the neighbors at your new house—this is the first time they will meet you, and you want to make friends, not enemies.

Try these good-neighbor solutions to keep everyone happy during your next move.

Keep the Volume Down While You Move

With trucks, ramps, large objects, and calling back and forth, moving can create a bit of noise! Try to plan your move at a time when your neighbors are likely to be at work or out of the way: Weekdays from 9 to 5 is perfect. If small children live next door, you might schedule a break during naptime. And keep the music at a minimum volume, for courtesy’s sake.

Talk to Your Neighbors Before and After You Move

Get your old neighbors’ contact information before that task gets crowded off the calendar with a busy moving schedule. If you let your neighbors know what’s coming, they can let you know if they foresee a problem. And you can make arrangements for tight quarters like shared stairways or prime parking.

If you can’t avoid blocking access or bring in the way, you can let neighbors know so they won’t be surprised—and annoyed. And it never hurts to have a box of donuts for a peace offering after all the boxes are on the truck!

Tidy Up After Moving

If, like many people, you use moving as a reason to get rid of old stuff and clean to the corners, keep the discarded items tidy as you go along. Neighbors hate junk. Don’t allow trash or piles of donations to accumulate outdoors—keep these inside or in the garage until you’re ready to move them to their new home, or until trash day.

After moving out of your old house, sweep up any debris that has fallen along the pathways. If discarded items must wait for trash pickup, call to arrange that service and box things neatly. Sweep after moving into your new home, too!

Hiring A Professional Moving Company is Being a Good Neighbor

Professional movers already know how to be good neighbors. A reputable moving company knows from experience that loud talking and loud music are unwelcome, and they know enough to share hallways and stairs with the neighbors.

When you hire Few Moves Moving Company, you can count on our professional staff to be courteous to your neighbors and move your belongings with efficiency and speed. Stay in good standing with new and old neighbors alike! Call Few Moves Moving Company today at (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh or (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington, NC to schedule your moving day.