​New Year’s Resolution: Green Ways to Keep Your New Home Clean in the New Year

Reduce your carbon footprint for the new year while sprucing up your home! With just a little effort, you can keep your new home sparkling without damaging chemicals. Green, ecological habits and cleaners are the answer for a fresh, clean home.

Try our tips for natural, green ways to keep your new place clean:

Dusting as a Way of Life

Put away the feather dusters and other cleaners that throw dust back into the air. Instead, choose a reusable microfiber cloth—they last for years, and they remove the dust rather than just redistributing it. Wipe down furniture, baseboards, lamps, even walls with a damp cloth to remove dust in a nontoxic way. Wash and re-use as needed.

Dusting has the advantage of controlling clutter. You can’t dust until all that stuff is gone! And a house free of clutter is soothing and welcoming.

Make Your Own Natural Cleaners—It’s Easy

Prepare a batch of natural cleaners before you move so they’ll be ready as soon as you move in. Homemade cleaners work well and are safe, green alternatives to chemical cleaners that have dubious environmental merit. You probably have most of the ingredients on hand: vinegar, baking soda, alcohol, and lemon juice are a few of the components of natural cleaners, like Grandma once used.

Steam Clean Furniture Before You Move

Avoid moving dust and dust mites to your new home by vacuuming well with a HEPA filter. Then steam-clean furniture and any carpets in your new place. You’ll start out with a low dust load, making it easier to keep allergens to a minimum. Your furniture will smell fresh, too.

Keep Air Quality Green with Natural Deodorizers

Room deodorizers and so-called air fresheners can be highly toxic. Instead of adding chemicals to your air, open the windows and let real fresh air in from time to time, especially while you’re moving—don’t bother to turn the heat or air conditioning on until you’re finished.

Keep normal household smells to a minimum with baking soda, houseplants, vinegar, or bowls of fragrant dried flowers and herbs. Or you can simmer cloves and cinnamon on the stove or add a drop of essential oil to a spray bottle of water and mist the room.

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