What Happens When You Move to the Coast?

Lovers of sand, sun, and surf may dream of moving to the coast. Beach resort towns are irresistible in summer, but what’s it like to live there year-round?

Well, there are pros and cons. To find out what happens when you move to the coast, read on.

The Beauty of the Beach is Eternal—but not Always the Weather

The roar of the ocean, the relaxing lap of coastal tides, and the open expanse of saltwater—these are loved by beach residents all year round. You’ll get amazing seafood, and there’s always that feeling of being on the coast—it’s not quite like anywhere else.

But winter at the beach can be quite a different experience from summer. Many businesses roll up the sidewalks in winter, which means you’ll have to travel farther for shopping and dining, and maybe just to have a friendly chat. And the ocean breezes can be frigid in January—quite a change from July.

If You’re Lucky to have a Great Job and Live by the Beach, You’re Lucky Enough

As you consider moving to the coast, look into the job market. You’ll want to be sure there are jobs in your field, not just summer service jobs. And be sure to get out on the main road at rush hour to get a feel for your commute. Traffic and distance will keep you away from your dream house at the beach!

Schools are a consideration too. Look into different schools and districts before you buy a house, and ask around about doctors, entertainment, and other amenities.

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Beach Weather: Taking the Amazing with the Not so Amazing

Fresh air, boating, water sports—the coast has it all. But beach towns also face hurricanes, high winds, erosion, and flooding. Will you need to evacuate in bad weather? Where will you go? Make plans for these situations before packing up and moving to the coast.

Few Moves Can Help with Your Move to the Coast

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