How To Help Your Elderly Parents When Its Time To Move

Convincing your elderly parents that it’s time to move can be a task for a diplomat. Unfortunately, the need for proper care and supervision are common realities that older people and their families must confront. This situation calls for a soft-spoken conversation which first discusses the reasons why a move is necessary. Some of those reasons could be:

  • Financial reasons
  • Loss of a caretaker or spouse
  • Suffered memory impairment
  • Broken hips or other debilitating injury
  • Sickness, or debilitating health condition

Express  Your Concerns

Elderly parents need to hear the safety concerns their children have. Present these in a way that describes the concerns as a serious worry on the part of the children for their parents safety. If the elderly get the impression that making a move will make it easier for the children, the conversation may end abruptly.

Give Them As Much Control over the Move As Possible

When seniors are asked to leave their longtime homes, a frequent cause of distress is their perceived loss of control, so give your loved one as much choice as possible before, during and after as you plan and implement the move.

What to keep? What goes? What color will the new couch be? Where should unwanted items be taken? Who should be responsible?

Highlight the Benefits of their New Home

Point out the good things about the place they are moving to. If there are activities which the parents would love, then tell them about these. It is a good idea to show them pictures and diagrams of the facility or new home so they feel more comfortable upon arrival and can visualize what life will be like living there.

Offer to Help Sort, Organize, and Pack their belongings before the move

Make it a family affair by recruiting other relatives to help sort and organize their belongings (with their permission, of course).

You can categorize objects to make the process easier:

  • items to be moved,
  • keepsakes to be left with family
  • items to be sold or donated
  • items to be thrown out

Encourage everyone to honor the emotional attachment to personal belongings and allow your senior parent to reminisce as you help sort out their possessions. Remember, these are not just things you’re moving; they’re memories.

Assure them of the Safety of their Belongings

Whether it is a trip across town or across country, they will want to know that what they are moving is going to be safe and undamaged when they arrive at their destination. For that reason, we recommend you hire a professional, licensed and insured moving company with plenty of positive customer reviews.

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