Should You Hire A Cleaning Company When You Move?

Moving day is a busy day! When the last box is loaded and the last lampshade tucked on top, the last thing you want to do is get busy cleaning. Consider hiring a cleaning company to help with this final task.

How Clean is Clean Enough?

It’s good practice to leave your previous home swept clean. That means no leftover boxes, leftover takeout in the fridge, or dust bunnies from under the bureaus and beds. If you’re a renter, this last sweep may mean the difference in getting your security deposit back. If you have sold your home, the buyers won’t ask for cleaning funds when they do their walk-through. And it’s just a matter of courtesy to leave your old place looking ready for the next family.

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Why You Should Hire a Cleaning Company

  • Time: It’s difficult to clean before your move, with all the packing and preparation. And when your belongings are loaded and ready to go you may not have time to stay and clean, especially if you’re moving long-distance. It’s easier to clean when the house is empty, too.
  • Health: If you have health concerns like a physical disability, a bad back, breathing trouble, or even pregnancy, give yourself a break and hire a cleaning service. Take care of the organizing and leave the hard labor to others.
  • Stress: Moving is a difficult time! All the changes, chores, and tasks can make this a stressful time, especially for people who aren’t used to being uprooted. Emotional family members and worried pets add to the stress. Keep the process as simple as you can to reduce stress: Hire a cleaning company before you move.

Find a Cleaning Company That Can Handle the Job

When selecting a cleaning company, check for these qualities:

  • Professional service: Professional cleaning services are experienced with cleaning houses like yours. Check for liability insurance and sign a contract stating that if anything is broken during the cleaning, the cleaners will pay for the damages.
  • Price: An independent cleaner may be cheaper—but not necessarily. Get several quotes and discuss what’s covered in the cleaning: Carpets? Special services like organic cleaning supplies?
  • Availability: Check your moving date when getting quotes to make sure your cleaners will be available.

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