A Home Honey Do List For Fall

If you’re ready for cooler days and nights, raise your hand.…that’s a lot of hands! At Few Moves Moving Company, we don’t mind the temperatures dropping a little, either. And we know it’s time to get a “few” chores done before the cold weather arrives.

To prepare your home for fall, we’ve compiled our own Honey Do list for you to pass along. If you’re getting ready to move, these tips will help get your house ready, look better, and for those planning a move, it will make moving much easier. If you’re staying put, your house—and your spouse—will thank you when all the chores on this Honey Do list are done!

Clean Out Your Closets for Fall

It’s time to pull the sweaters and jeans out of storage and get rid of any items you no longer need. In the coat closet, make sure fall jackets and boots are clean and in good repair. Sometimes you’ll event find a little cash in coat pockets along with the extra gloves.

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Honey, Let’s Have a Barbecue

September is a pretty month to have a backyard party before it gets too chilly to eat outdoors. You can even have a Fall theme, and it’s cool enough for slow-cooked barbecue.

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Get Going in the Garden This Fall

It’s time to set out cool-weather transplants like broccoli and collards, and put your lettuce and spinach seeds in now. Fertilize the lawn at the end of September. Add flowerpots to your Honey Do list: Pansies, mums, and snapdragons add a burst of color to your porch.

As the Weather Changes, Check the Heating and Cooling System

It will soon be time to turn the thermostat from AC to heat. Put this on your Honey Do list: Change the air filters and turn on the heat just once before you really need it. If anything’s amiss with your HVAC system, it should show up now. And schedule a professional to inspect and service your system.

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Honey, Do Go Up on the Roof

It’s hurricane season, so keep an eye on the roof. High winds can damage shingles and flashing. An inspection from the ground will usually be enough, but it helps to take a look through the attic to check for leaks, preferably when it’s raining.

Sweep Up the Fireplace and Chimney, too

A chimney sweep can inspect your fireplace and chimney and clean them if needed. Then you’ll be all ready to cozy up to your honey when he or she finishes the Honey Do list.

Honey, Do Clean the Gutters

Backed-up gutters can cause a lot of damage to your siding and roofing. Get out there on a pretty Fall day and remove the leaves, or call a service to check and clean your gutters.

Fluff Up the Family Room for Fall

As the weather cools off, you’ll be spending more time inside. Get set for those movie nights by upgrading technology, sprucing up or painting, and bringing the warm throws out of storage.

Now that you’ve checked off the tasks on your Honey Do list, enjoy your freshened-up home! If you’re sprucing up before you move, be sure to put “Call Few Moves Moving Company” on your Honey Do list. We’re here to help make your move fast, easy, and affordable, with great staff and a wide range of moving services. Call Few Moves at (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh and (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington to learn more, or request a quote online. Happy Fall!